Crayola Cutter?

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by ekuth, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. ekuth

    ekuth Active Member

    Okay, so I just saw a commercial for a new kid's craft tool called the "Crayola Cutter"...

    From what I can tell, it appears to be perfectly matched for cardmodels...

    Anyone stolen one from their kids yet to try? :twisted:
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  2. rickstef

    rickstef Guest

  3. Kaz

    Kaz Member

    It makes a perforated line. I wouldn't think it would be good for my cut once......ooops nearly there..try again methods!
  4. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    I might get one just because...I am SO EXCITED about this because it is getting children involved, and since they are our future, cardmodeling will sure to be here for many years to come. Pretty neat television commercial huh? I agree with Kaz, and I much prefer my x-acto and tiny scissors.
  5. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    How can you say you prefer it if you have never tried it? besides this might just prevent you from cutting yourself AGAIN! HAH HAH just giving oyu a hard time ;)
  6. thewoodengraver

    thewoodengraver Active Member

    Your sharp wit cuts me deeper Chris.
  7. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    I was just joshing with ya - no harm intended Phil. I prolly wont try it myself - no model is complete without some of my blood on it!
  8. Kaz

    Kaz Member

    I agree you wont cut yourself, but it might permanently tattoo yourself!
  9. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    If you do tatoo yourself be sure to use the crayola crayons - safe and non toxic as always! I might have to go find one for my kids now just because.
  10. Trader Sam

    Trader Sam Member

    Well, the Web site says that it CUTS the paper by perforating it, meaning the blade must punch through the paper. To cut it this way, the blade must move pretty fast. I guess no one will know for sure until one of us buys one.
  11. paper warrior

    paper warrior Member

    I prefer x-acto knives,I've cut myself plenty of times,it does'nt really hurt that much.
  12. Trader Sam

    Trader Sam Member

    I've been searching the 'Net for some details on this thing, and I've only been able to find this. Personally, I'd like a better look at the blade and the cutting quality on the paper. How much detail can be cut with this thing? I'm also not very impressed with the fact that the cutter is tethered to the display base with an electric cord. It also seems to be able to only cut lightweight card stock, but that's ok, because I almost always use paper.

    Still, it may be worth getting.
  13. milenio3

    milenio3 Active Member

    Well, I think I'll get one. If it doesn't work for me, there's always kids around the house that want to build a paper model.
    Nice elephants.
  14. cardmodeler

    cardmodeler Member

    Maybe I'm not building enough models. So far I haven't cut myself with the X-acto knife, but there was the one time I ran with scissors....
  15. pappy

    pappy New Member

    crayola cutter

    hi seen your post I have one, had to get one and it is not a smooth cut.
    What it is... is a small needle very small or pointer something. well it goes up and down in the pen you have to go very slow for it to cut properly. My opinion???? For 20 bucks it is not bad for kids but for an adult that wants a smooth cut this is not for you.

    hope it helps
  16. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    Thanks pappy!

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