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    Old news, but with an update. The designer apparently has made some progress by abandoning the idea of a laser-cut kit. It may be a bit pricey -- estimated cost 80 Euros, IIRC -- but a real piece of paper artwork.

    Les (Friendly Airplane Asylum flack)
  2. sakrison

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    From what I've seen, it will be worth the price, and I'm already saving quarters for it. Imagine what it would cost in plastic or resin! (Imagine what it would weigh!!)
    What's IIRC?

    No worries,
  3. rickstef

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    IIRC==If I Recall Correctly
  4. dhanners

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    IIRC = If I Recall Correctly

    It seems she has been teasing us with this model for three years or more. Then again, the thing has a jillion pieces, and the detail (even on the tracks) is out-of-this-world stunning. Designing it appears to be a real challenge, but the results are pretty awesome.
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    Got to have it! I remeber seeing that thing as it is called "crawling" across the lauch area to finally make it to it's destinations. I remember a time or two where it would start out one day at like 7 am and then by 7 am the next day still chugging along. Usually no more than three days to destination site. Absolutely awesome peice of hardware.

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