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Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by allhallowseve, Mar 28, 2006.

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    I introduce to you the first papermodel kit in the world costing more than the actual item it represents. :cry:
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    I've been admiring her progress on the CT for the past couple of years. The thing is amazing. But I, too, was wondering how much this might cost and how many years I'd invest in building it.
  4. upcoming cardmodel of the SATURN V / Apollo 11 launching equipment

    Dear fellow cardmodelers,

    it seems to me that besides all other things you are interested in,
    there is a strong interest in items related to US-space discovery activities.

    Well, I would like to invite you to share the process of the design
    of a 1/96 cardmodel of (let's say) "1969's Journey to the moon".

    The upcoming masterpiece in card will contain:
    • The Crawler
    • The Launch Platform
    • The Launchtower
    • The Saturn V with highly detailed displayable interior
    • Apollo 11 space vehicle plus LM with highly detailed displayable interior

    The cardmodel design is accompanied by very close assistance of
    the NASA.

    You may get first impressions of "The Crawler" here:

    (To view a l l pictures you should register to Kartonmodell-Forum)

    This cardmodel is a commercial project. It'll be available neither
    as download nor for free.
    The whole model (all components) will be printed on high-quality
    cardboard of different thicknesses. In total, we talk of nearly 20,000
    parts. But there's no need to worry about that - all parts are pre-cut
    with a laser-beam at highest precision.

    We will inform you in detail and in time when the first component
    will be ready for shipment. Along with this will come information
    about pricing and shipping details. Please understand that I'm not
    able to answer related questions now.

    Thank you for your attention and enjoy the various glances
    at the design process of a cardmodel-milestone.

    Best regards
    Thomas Pleiner
  5. ... Ah - 9,000 USD for the kit - this is surely an error . . . :)
    Maybe the lasercutting-decive is of that price . . . :)

    Best regards

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