Craftrobo Pro - Printer that cuts as it prints

Discussion in 'Tools of the Trade' started by jlinscheid, Aug 3, 2005.

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    now THIS is great! :)
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    CraftRobo clarification

    Actually there's a little confusion here. The Craft ROBO is a great little machine, no doubt. But it's not a printer. It's a cutter with a nifty registration marks sensor that can cutout something printed on another printer. like say, your Canon desktop. And it can crease paper and cardstock so it's pretty cool. Just now coming to market in the U.S. You can find one at
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    seriously this is a great idea

    has any one bought one of these?

    if you have do you have any comments or suggestions

    how hard is it to convert a existing model design to be cut by the machine?

    hopefully it will serve this purpose well and help people like me
    since i have carpal tunnel it would be a emminse gift to continuing my card modeling

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    Yeah--maybe pretty soon we can advance to die cut models, then precut models, pre shaped, and final prebuilt models. Now lets see if the suppliers of kits and designers will be willing to add all the registration marks onto thier work. Half the challenge of this hobby is the ability to do things precisely--including cuttting. Plus--it's a relatively cheap hobby...I'll stick to my plain old knife and #11 blades....thanks.
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    lets not forget that just because the designer provided the 'suggested' model parts does'nt mean they are correct.
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    One question that the sales literature doesn't cover is the width of the cut and repeat accuracy. It would be a great thing to have for the likes of tank treads and other such repetitive items.

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    It is a great idea.
    These are actually plotters with a swivel mount blade instead of a pen tip. (An optional pen tip can be purchased). As plotters they function best with vector paths. The Japanese version imports Adobe Illustrator vector paths (These can also be created and exported from Photoshop 7 and later versions). I'm waiting to hear back from Graphtec about this functionality in the US version.
    There is also a free plugin available for the Japanese version of Pepakura viewer so PDO patterns can be cut on a CraftRobo.
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    vector paths

    The U.S. version comes with an Adobe Illustrator plug-in that works with version CS2. It also has its own software, an easy to use program called Robo Master. Illustrator can be something of a challenge for those who aren't very familiar with it. (I prefer CorelDRAW myself), so the Robo Master should be a pretty popular way for people to put their designs together.

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