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Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Joseph, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Joseph

    Joseph Member

    Thanks a lot Roman - but I still have to work a lot before I reach your standards! :smile:
    I've redone the cockpit and I'll post pictures soon
  2. Joseph

    Joseph Member

    Now I'm testing if the cockpit fits properly into the fuselage
    (the plane won't have a zebra camo, but my printer has problems with noozles...any advice how to clean them?)

    mmm, could be OK, but aaargh ! the fuselage section is too short...

    and now, I can redo the fuselage sections, move the formers, etc., etc. :-x

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Joseph,

    Well, I dont know what type printer you have, but those like mine, I have an HP photo quality printer, doesnt use nozzles, If I am not mistaken it discharges the color straight from the ink cartridge.
    BUT.......there should be a "tool box" program in your "printer files" that allows you to "clean the cartridges". Open up you printer program by right clicking the little printer Icon in the lower right corner of your screen down by the clock. then look at that menu and see if there is anyway to do test prints or clean cart.'s. Or if nothing else a q tip with some alcohol rubbed over the orifice of the cartridge may work.

    hope this helps,

    have a good evening,

    GREG aka GW

  4. NOBI

    NOBI Active Member

    Your build look real good but i think time for you to change new camera hehehe.

    look forward to see that fantastic stuff
  5. Joseph

    Joseph Member

    Thank GW,
    I have a Canon Pixma ip2000. I've tried at least a million times the cleaning and deep cleaning that come with the printer software, but in vain...There must be dry ink clogging the print head somewhere...
  6. Kaz

    Kaz Member

    Blocked ink cartridges

    You know, I have a friend whose job it is to repair and service printers, from the old dot matrix ones through to ink and lazer jet, and the infamous Xerox wax printer. He says that the majority of printing errors, blocked nozzles, poor colours etc, all stem from using spurious ink cartridge manufacturers. But at nearly £50 for a set for mine, I still wont buy them, Its almost as cheap to buy a new printer with the inks already in it.
    You might have to bite the bullet and get another cartridge for your blocked one :-(
  7. charliec

    charliec Active Member

    Canon market cleaning cartridges which are supposed to dissolve dried
    ink. One of the issues with the Canon IP range is the extremely fine nozzles -
    great for good print quality - easy to block though.

    I've used isopropyl alcohol (the cleaning fluid for VCR heads) to dissolve dried ink in blocked nozzles - seems to work well. Just a drop on the nozzle plate - leave for less than a minute then dab off with a tissue. I've seen suggestions to use ammonia solutions to dissolve dried ink but I've never tried that.


  8. rowiac

    rowiac Member


    One of the nice features of Canon printers is that the print head can be removed for cleaning, unlike Epsons. You might want to check the Canon Printer Yahoo! Group at:

    Several people have posted their methods for cleaning blocked nozzles there, plus they have recommendations on aftermarket inks if you don't want to pay for Canon brand cartridges.

  9. Joseph

    Joseph Member

    Well I tried the special alcohol, it did not work...
    So I bought an original Canon cartridge and, hey, after three weeks (I've been printing a few things, each day), the noozles are clean again :)
    So the advice is: even if they're expensive, use original inks...
    I also found several 'purge files' for printers, images that force your printer to use a bit of each color in order to keep the noozles unclogged, here's one: Standard Test
  10. Darwin

    Darwin Member

    OK, gang....time to start loading Joseph up with encouragement to keep going on the Cr-42 design. Here is the beta build of what he's given me so far.



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