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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by spitfire, May 25, 2004.

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    Hi Folks

    This comes to me from Chris "Finger on the Pulse" aka Interurban. The schedule for the Royal Hudson tour this summer. Thanks for the info Chris.

    0800 June 11 Dpt. Montreal
    1100 Arr. Smiths Falls Disembark Mtl. pax, board new group
    Noon Dpt. SF
    1430 Arr. Belleville Disembark SF pax, board new group
    1500 Dpt. Belleville
    1600 Arr. Port Hope Disembark Belleville pax
    1630 Dpt. Port Hope
    1900 Arr. Toronto Yard Create Empress/GO train consist, mechanical testing

    0700 June 12 Dpt. Toronto Yard
    0800 Arr. Union Station 0830 static event Track 6; Premier & Mayor among
    1015 Dpt. Union Station Boarding of public commences 0930
    1145 Arr. Milton GO Disembark pax; public event; run-by photo ops; re-board
    1330 Empress dpt. westward
    1345 GO train dpt. eastward
    1430 GO train arr. Union Station Out of service
    1500 Empress arr. Hamilton Kinnear Board new pax
    1630 Arr. Welland Disembark pax, bar-b-q event
    1800 Dpt. Welland
    1900 Arr. Ft. Erie Outbound to U.S. Midwest leg

    Time to get out and get some pixs folks!!!

    :) Val
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    Looks like beautiful downtown Milton works for me .Gotta give the old Kodak a workout as this is my first viewing of the Hudson.Thanks for posting the schedule , Val .

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