CP On The Swing Bridge

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    High water in the Shusap Lakes made passage under the Sicmoose Swing Bridge impossible is past June of 2002. Therefore CP did extra wait time so that the House boats could transit the Sicamoose Narrows.

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    Great pics Ben Thanks. :D Good to see picture of a swing bridge still in use.:)
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    Very kewl; my best friend has a cabin in Sicamous (correct spelling btw if anyone's trying to find it on a map), but she NEVER MENTIONED a swing bridge !!!!!! LOL........
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    I found this one taken during a railfan trip in July of 1984 of extra 5867 east (grain empties) crossing the swing bridge at Sicamous.


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    Glad to see you guys out West clicking your Cameras.
    ;) ;)

    Thanks Ben and Terry, :)
  8. Matthyro

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    I went through there two years ago and camped overnight at Chase near the tracks so you know how much sleep we got. I took some photos there but they were posted here some time ago.
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    Great pictures!

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