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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by charleswebb, Dec 31, 2002.

  1. charleswebb

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    Does anybody know when PS1 3bay covered hoppers started replacing 40' box cars for hauling grain? I know that it was common practice to use the box cars in the 50's and maybe early 60's, but would like to find a more narrow time frame.:confused:

    Also does anyone know what happen to a web site Railroad Timeline? It had a lot of useful information on it, but when I click on the link in my favorites it was no longer there.:eek:
  2. Rusted

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    Somewhere, I have a fairly recent (within the last year or so) magazine (mainline modeler, model railroad craftsmen, or something) that talks about this specifically.

    It includes info on the old box cars and equipment used to shake/tip the cars and discusses the transition to the covered hoppers.

    I'll do some searching when I get home tonight.

    Also, the inserts in the Proto 2000 covered hopper kits have quite a bit of info on the first and second designs of the PS hoppers.

    (Lots of grain traffic in MN to model, so I've done some research, just don't have it committed to memory.)
  3. charleswebb

    charleswebb New Member

    I was wondering if anybody modeled grain hauling:D . My n scale layout is set in southern Indiana so a big grain elevator is a big part of local frieght. The layout is set in 1960. I have several ps1's and a friend told me that he didn't think the railroads used them in 1960:(

    Any information you have will help a lot, thanks
  4. rockislandmike

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    I do Charlie, but I model 1980 so can't help ya there. Sorry. :(
  5. Rusted

    Rusted Member

    I finally found that magazine - neat article but not as informative as I remembered. Anyway, Model Railroad Journal, January 2002. Has some great photo's of Duluth's grain facilities.

    Again, check the insert on the Proto 2000 PS1 Grain Kits.

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