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    I am new to N Scale.
    I have just bought four Micro Trains tankers.

    They will not couple to any of my Locos or other rolling stock.
    I have three steamers. Tomix Type 9600.
    Micro Ace C 60
    Micro Ace C 57

    One diesel Life Like SW 9

    What would people advise?
    The steam locos are not listed on MT site for conversion.

    Create a coupling car with MT at one end and Rapido? at the other.?
    Sell the MT tankers?
    Or what?

    I am not that interested in magnetic uncoupling, but it would be nice.:confused:
  2. 60103

    60103 Pooh Bah

    You've listed most of the possibilities.
    Do you have lots of other rolling stock with regular couplers? MT used to supply some of its cars with the Rapido coupler; I don't know if they still do. Are the couplings truck mounted? You could trade a truck with one other car and have 2 converter units; trade a truck at each end and run the tanks as a unit.
    Do MT make a generic conversion unit that replaces Rapido couplings?
    When I was in N I wnt with MT on all my American stuff (as far as I could) and left the English and German stuff with Rapido, with a few converters.
    I've been out of N for about 20 years, so my current knowledge is sketchy.

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