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    I'm wondering which is the favorite among our little group? Also how does one recognize each type? I seem to have almost no uncoupling problems with the old couplings but with the new kato mini's have had several in the last operating session alone. Thanks Pat:confused:I model in N scale.
  2. Russ Bellinis

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    What scale? I'm modeling ho in a modular club. We frequently will run some long trains, and have found that the KD's work best.
    The various KD knock offs all seem to use a plastic leaf spring to hold the knucle closed, and when you put a load on it, the knucles will open and uncouple. I bought a Bachmann Spectrum consolidation at a GAT show, and wanted to run it right away, so I used the standard Bachmann couplers. We were doing some switching with it and never pulling more than 6-8 freight cars and a caboose, and in a couple of hours the couplers started to "stretch." When I got home from the show, it got KD's.
  3. sumpter250

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    In HO, Kadee. Not the "scale" ones, they don't have enough coupler face to survive the "bumps" every four feet on the modular layout.
    In N, Micro Trains.
    In both cases, I clip the pins, except for the cars I intend to give away, when visiting home layouts.
  4. shaygetz

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    Kadees...reliable, cheap and metal...uncoupled with a long toothpick dropped between the knuckles (keeping my eye peeled for the old Rix Pix non'magnetic tool---the magnetic one I have keeps grabbing the steel railing on my fleet). Still debating the clipped pin thing that seems to be going around.
  5. Ray Marinaccio

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    In HO I like the KDs, Allthough I use a wide variety. From the horn hooks to devore and some I have no idea what they are.

    A bit off the subject but, Who can give me some info on some of these antique HO couplers.

    In N scale mostly I use the Rapido Only because converting to MT isn't in the budget "yet" .

    O and G gauge, I use the original manufactures couplers.

    1.5 scale I use th castings from Miller backyard railroad.
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    K D for me the old type,, I wish they would make them with extra long arms for the interurban swing on my very tight curves.:(
    We have to improvise:p
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    Chris, have you tried a swing bracket with a long coupler? Expensive little buggers! I think I'd try to adapt a standard cheap #5 pocket to swing if I had many conversions to do that required the swing. You need to get a LPBlacksmith to lengthen the coupler arms for ya ;)
  8. interurban

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    Thanks for that jon,,, trying to get the little so and so`s to work on the new station:mad: I got to do all the work:rolleyes:
  9. sumpter250

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    Remember now, someone told them about unions....For the station, you need LPmasons, and LPcarpenters. LPblacksmiths only do iron work!:D :D :D :D
    Pete's LPunion organisor
  10. sumpter250

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    You little devil!!!
    If the propane torch doesn't get you, the MEK will!!!:D :D :D
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    Hey guys how about MY question can anyone help
  12. grlakeslogger

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    Coupler Preferences

    I model in HO and have used Kadees exclusively for many years. I use their regular line on most of my equipment, but use their #711 on my logging equipment.

    I was working in a hobby shop when many of the newer brands made their respective debuts. Our N Scale customers were mostly modular and used Micro-Trains almost exclusively. Our veteran HO Scalers stuck with Kadee, but quite a few newer customers went for the McHenry and the Bachmann. Some of the HO couplers hit the market and worked fine ... for about eight months when customers began to complain of centering problems and erratic operation. I do not know which particular mfgr. was involved, but I do recall that at least one changed the type of plastic they employed around mid-2000. The plastic centering springs fatigued on the old ones, hence the erratic operation.

    If I stay on top of my maintenance, my Kadees perform flawlessly as long as my turnouts function well and the vertcal easements on my grades are smooth. I hope this helps you, Belg.
  13. jon-monon

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    N scalers, please correct me if I'm wrong: I believe most N scalers will agree MT is the best, but not the least expensive. They split off from Kadee and carry a similar reputation. IMHO: If you're new to the game, Belg, best to go with the best now, rather than trying to catch up later, after the obsession has taken over your life and you need to upgrade 10,000 teeny tiny couplers.
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    I recommend switching over to MT's as more and more locos and other equipment are coming equipped with either MT's or MT compatible couplers such as Atlas' Accumates. It can be an expensive proposition and can produce "wallet-shock" if done in large amounts at one time. I would also recommend that you equip one or two (or more) of your cars with MT's on one end and Rapidos on the other to act as "conversion cars" until you have switched over. Conversion kits are available for most, if not all, N scale locos plus, MT manufactures several different kinds of trucks with couplers attached to make replacement easier. If you want to preserve your sanity... don't buy the couplers "unassembled"... pay the extra and get them ready to install, no assembly required!:D

  15. 60103

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    Conversion cars

    I suggest that you use a baggage car for one of the conversion cars. That way, you can put it between the loco and the train, depending on which you convert first, and you'll have a car for testing new locos that you haven't converted yet. An express reefer would be good too, and you can use it in freight trains.
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    So the consensus seems to be MT couplers is there one unit that will do most cars? Most of my cars are atlas and kato. I will definately buy the prebuilt units but was wondering what could I expect to pay for them in bulk pack and what is the cheapest place to get them?
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    I remember hearing someone say something about a chart that tells you which MT trucks go with which locos and cars,but don't remember where it was any help would be great?
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