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  1. Edavillenut

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    i am using kadee #5 but i bought a kadee gauge and the had a #58 in it and i like the look but i have $60 in couplers siting on my bench all painted and waitng to go in to the cars. what is the real difference between the two. also what is the best way to mount them to the body. i buy the bulk packs of couplers and the dont have the gear boxes is this what i have to use to mount them to the body.
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    Alot of the cars already have coupler box's, Athearn, MDC, Branchline, etc.
    Some cars like Bob's have truck mounted couplers and you can install as he did. Some people remove the coupler from the truck and body mount the couplers. This is where you would need the box.
    The #58's are smaller, more of a scale size coupler. The #58's will work with the #5's.
  3. Edavillenut

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    i have about 20 old tyco lifelike atherns mdc modelpower cars pre 1995 that i like and want to convert all my new ones have body mountes couplers.
  4. 60103

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    You'll have to buy Kadees with draft gear boxes. The 5's used to come with them all the time and lots of us ended up with boxes full of them.
    My way to mount them is to put the assembled box up against the floor and see where it comes. There is a lip on the top for positioning. Then mark through the hole onto the floor and then find the centreline of the floor so that the coupling will bw in the middle. Drill and tap for a 2-56 screw. (I think Kadee and Walthers supply kits fopr this; your hobby shop should be able to supply drills & taps). Then put a 2-56 screw through the box and the floor to hold the box in position. If you're worried about the floor, put a nut on the top.
    Now match it against the height gauge and maybe add some shims to lower it.
    If you have great confidence in your assembly, you can glue the box to the floor, but it may never come off again (when it breaks) or it will fall off in some invisible location.:D

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