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  1. droyen_flyboy

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    Well heres the deal. Ashamed to admit it, but prior getting my layout up and running I had a hiatus of a year or two where my rolling stock lay in its nice cushioned box on its sides. I now find that my stock does not couple very easily anymore. I am afraid that the little springs in the couplers may have developed a "set" during hibernation. (N-scale) Is this a common problem? Is there a way to correct this? I have set all my stock up on a line put a dead locomotive on the end and pulled all the slack out to maybe re "set" the spring in the couplers. I'd apprciate any thougts.
  2. Catt

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    I am asuming here that you are using the rapido couplers.Thse will take a set regardless of how they are stored.
  3. droyen_flyboy

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    No, all my couplers are Microtrain

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