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    Anyone using the new Kadee #118 "SF" Shelf couplers yet? I got my order in a couple day's ago for 25 packs and after installing them on the proper car's like tank, grain, and hazardous cargo cars, (passenger too.) they look great. How ever I recommend them for those of you who have lot's of coupling problems with your passenger cars where where you have up/down joints. They function like the prototype it helps keeping car's coupled during derailments and preventing car overturns or telescoping. They are how ever a bit more difficult to uncouple using a "mini" screw driver or pointed object between the knuckles like some of us do but still have the trip pin for those of you who use track magnets. I haven't had not one midtrain uncouple sense I changed out alot of the #5's. #5's, 58's and so on even stay coupled to a 118 because of the top and bottom lip that catchs the adjoining car's kunckle preventing it from going to far up or down. :thumb: Then again I'm just rambling but it could be useful to someone.

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    Interesting information. I'm sure many of us experience trains breaks. Also, have you seen the Kadee #148 "Whisker". Eliminates the separate centering spring, and looks like a McHenry. HA!:)

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