Coupler setup on Bachmann On30 cars completely wrong!

Discussion in 'On30 Forum' started by hminky, Mar 23, 2007.

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    There is a constant whine about the height of the couplers on Bachmann's On30 cars. If you can get a hold of a September 1977 Narrow Gauge and Shortline Gazette there is an article on a Ferrocarril Mexicano 30" gauge boxcar.

    The coupler is setup the same as the Bachmann On30 cars. The FCM couplers are mounted below the frame to accommodate a three foot gauge boxcar body and thirty inch gauge coupler height.

    Unintentionally well done Bachmann
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    Very interesting and thanks for scanning the article. I also like how the Accumate couplers look. No humungus spring on the side. :D

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    So, the fact that the Bachmann stock coupler height just happens to match an HO coupler height gauge, is simply a coincidence, and the height of the coupler on the pilot of the bachmann mogul is "too high".
    I do like how you lowered the car height by removing the lug on the trucks, I'll have to do that to all my rolling stock, it looks good.
    I think, though that I will continue to remove the pad, and part of the frame, and mount the coupler box directly under the floor of the car (draft gear "in the frame" as opposed to under it). Yeah, it means changing every car, and every loco, but I like the look of it. (raising the coupler in the shays wasn't fun) :D

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