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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by Kerrskountry, Jul 6, 2008.

  1. Kerrskountry

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    I have a 4-5 year old MoPac SW-1 switcher by Proto 2000. The front coupler has broken off (don't ask!) and I would like to replace it with a Kadee. The problem is how do I find the coupler size to replace it? #5's do not fit (coupler box). Anyone know the size or point me in the right direction to find out? The original couplers were not Kadee but were magnetic type.

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  2. Kerrskountry

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    That was a MoPac Alco S-1 switcher. Tried the Kadee conversion list but it gave me around 5 different coupler sizes.

  3. diburning

    diburning Member

    was the kadee #5 too short? Try one with a longer shank.

    Or is the problem that the screw is too small for the coupler? If it is, shave off hte "wings" of the coupler/draft gear box (they only come in the small packs. the bulk packs don't come with draft gear boxes) and then use the screw. You might have to get a longer screw.
  4. Kerrskountry

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    The draft gear box is too wide to fit between the lower front frame (debris guards or something like that). I guess I can be daring and file down the body opening where the box goes and make the opening wider.

  5. diburning

    diburning Member

    Yes, make the opening wider.

    Can it work without the draft gear box? When I swap out the accumates for kadees with my atlas rolling stock I just put the centering spring in and the coupler then clsoe it back up.

    Here's the instructions for the Life-Like Proto 2000 Alco S-2. Ignore the other coupler options. Just go with the #5s

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