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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by bigcozzz, Dec 15, 2006.

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    I recently got back into the hobby but am still a newbe and don't know very much. All my old locos and rolling stock have standard Rapido couplers. Last week I went to the Reading Pa. train show and bought some coal cars that matched some of my old road names. Not being very observent, I didn't notice until I got home that they had knuckle couplers. In reading through the forum I came to the conclusion that Micro Trains makes a good product so I bought some and installed them on my old coal cars so they would work with the new ones. Worked like a charm. I have since noticed that most new locos & rolling stock now come with knuckle couplers. If you guys can help me out with these Q's I would greatly appreciate it:
    1. There are several manufactures of knuckle couplers. Are they all compatable?
    2. When you by a new car how can you tell which manufactures coupler is on it or doesn't it matter?
    3. MTS makes 10 differnt types, whats the diffrence?
  2. Jim Krause

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    The big coupler revolution occured when Kadee's patent expired several years ago. Several manufacturers started making clones (almost). McHenry is used by several car and locomotive manufacturers. They are basically compatable with one another. Kadee is still the Cadallac of couplers. They have a coupler for almost every car or locomotive made by man. Kadee's are also a metal product whereas the others are plastic, with the exception of the trip pins ( the little thing that looks like an air hose). Adjustment and good track work are the keys to having success with the new knuckle couplers. There are guages available to adjust coupler height and the trip pins.
    There is a new company called Sergant that has their own design that can be uncoupled with a wand and doesn't require the trip pins.
    I'm not familiar with the MTS couplers. Maybe someone else can help with that.
  3. Ebournerails

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    though the nscale knuckle couplers all typically work together, the atlas, micro train and kato couples work together without problems though micro trains i would say are the best

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