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Discussion in 'Architecture Models' started by Millimodels, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. Millimodels

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    I have been looking through some old photos my late father took and have found evidence of something that I only just remembered.
    On model railway layout in about 1957 he had some cotswold village models that seem to remember as coming with a paperback book published by Penguin, or perhaps Pelican.
    In the background of a photo of the layout I spotted these.

    I'm pretty sure that they are not the Bilteesi (spelling?) ones that he had later.
    Does anyone remember these or have any idea how to locate a copy of the book or the models?

    Robin Madge.
  2. 46rob

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    don't know anything about them--but I'd like to find a set, too. I vacationed in the Cotswolds in '04 and have a lot of great memories from the area--not the least of which was the local architecture.
  3. Nekayah

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    In the 1950's I was a poverty-stricken graduate student rubbing two pennies together (if I had that many). I was interested in paper modelling even then, however, and I remember seeing a number of Penguin/Pelican books containing paper models to cut out and put together which I looked at again and again in bookstores. A friend had a book containing an amazing railroad by a _Punch_ artist who specialized in cartoons of implausible Victorian style machines and wonderful comic figures operating them. He was afraid to make it up and asked me to do it. The book was a part of a massive national celebration, the Festival of Britain. I need to check on details of the artist. Anyhow, it was a memorable experience and a memorable model, lost in the fire that leveled his house.

    I tell you this because I suspect Penguin/Pelican had an editor at this time who pushed paper models and that it might be possible to get a list of the paper-modelling books published by them at this time, either from the publisher or from someone interested in that publishing house. It could lead to an interesting project for collectors.
  4. Millimodels

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    I suspect that the Punch artisit would have been Rowland Emett. I remember being taken to see a huge Railway layout using his designs in a department store in Cheltenham. This would have been somewhere between 1956 and 1960, so not the Festival of Britain time(1951). I still can't work out how some of the models were powered. There was one figure pedalling some form of tricycle arrangement round the track and it was a very delicate design so I just don't know where the motor was.
    I have a book of his illustrations, "Alarms and Excursions" 1977, which covers some of his non-railway cartoons. One of my favourites is of the Christmas card designer "Noel Harbinger".

    Robin Madge
  5. Nekayah

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    Rowland Emett

    Yes, that's the man. I googled for him a while back, found some interesting sites.
  6. paperbeam

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    Rowland Emett Links

    His design work eventually got so much in demand that he was able to resign as a cartoonist from Punch magazine.:twisted:

    His delightful creations (to me anyways) look like a cross between H.G. Wells and Picasso!

    Thankfully, some of his machines have been on display at the Ontario (Canada) Science Centre (link below) around Christmas every year since 1976!

    Some other interesting sites:

    (Last link from Wikipedia).

    Thanks for bringing him up!:grin:

  7. Maurice

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    Back in the medium of paper there is this small mention scanned and adjusted from G.H. Deason's 1958 book.

    Of course this image may have infringed some copyright or other so perhaps you shouldn't even have looked at it.

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