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    Here is the costume that I've made to go with my card model. Making it does use cardmodeling since I make a preliminary model out of paper. I draw the shapes with a sharpie on wrapping paper and then tape the parts together and try the version on to see if I have the basic shape right. I adjust by cutting or by taping on additional pieces of paper. Then I cut the tape and use the paper pieces as a pattern. I add 1/2 inch seam allowance as I cut. Commercial patterns usually have the seam allowance already added but the tape and cut method works best with finished size pieces.

    You can see that the thought process is very similar to card modeling. Both take a flat shape and make it three dimensional. The difference is that fabric is soft, stetches, and can be sewn without puncturing.

    I put this on here because I appear to be the only woman here and sewing is such a traditionally female interest. I thought it good to show the similarity between the two mediums and the possible common intests between sewers and cardmodelers.

    Here is both the finished costume and the paper pattern used to make it.
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    Lizzie, I am sure there a some other female forum members, but I'll grant you, not many. Any suggestions for improving this situation? My two daughters are keen at cutting and sticking stuff, but only if it is pink and fluffy; in spite of my best efforts! I blame television.....

    Tim P
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    attracting girls and women

    I think that the military emphasis is kind of a turn off. As a child the first adult cardmodels that I made were archetectural.
    Truth is that I've been making card models as long as I remember. When I was about four years old I tried to make things out of corrigated cardboard and those blunt kid scissors. I just liked to cut things.

    I made a model of a spaceship in second grade out of cardstock. By fourth grade I got into cutting snowflakes and spun that off into lacy valantines. I used curved nail scissors. I still use nail scissors.
    I learned about symetry, negative space, and mixing varieties of sizes for interest from the cutting activity.

    I've tried cutting snowflakes and valantines with an exacto knife but it's unsatisfying to me.

    To cut lacy hearts with scissors, fold in half to cut the heart . Then fold the curved part at an angle. You have to make sure that you don't cat across the edge of the curved part.

    I didn't get into orgami until I was a bit older and didn't get frustated by the complex proceedures. Also I had to get away from construction paper to do much with folding. That paper that gets get stuck with is awful. It fades, cracks, and tears to easily. Newprint the other paper I worked with as a child is just as bad. At the time before computers there wasn't as much good scrap copy paper laying around the house.

    Your daughter might enjoy snowflakes, valantines, and paper dolls. Pop-up-cards are another thing they might like. I don't know their age.
    you can cut snowflakes while watching TV.

    In second grade we learned about simple machines and we were supposed to glue construction paper shapes to show levers and wheels. Guess who tried to make working pullies.

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    That's not card modelling it's a black art I once tried to do it for my wife years ago never again, the formers keep moving and cursing where the pins were going.

    Admire your imagination


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    Howdy Miss Lizzie, howdy all,

    A lady that sews, not grossed out by all things "aquatic", AND enjoys cardmodeling :shock:
    A lady from my dreams hehehehe :oops: Too bad she lives so far off, she has all those "pluses" in her favor.
    But, I know something that drives ladies wild, I happen to know that "taking out the garbage" means putting an empty bag back in the can when I take the full one out lol :lol:
    Anyway, Very nice miss Lizzie, and educational.

    Have a good evening,

    Greg aka GW

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