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    I never had a real layout when I was younger. I belonged to a club in the next town over, which was too far for me to walk, but my parents were more than happy to bring me to because it kept me out of trouble. I scratchbuilt a few buildings and rollingstock, but most of all I did a lot of research. Reading is cheap(er) than trying to build an empire that I knew wouldn't be at my parents house forever. I also saved up for my first brass loco, which I still have. I was more of an armchair model railroader for many years before I was even able to build my first real layout.

    Point is, you don't have to build a layout to enjoy MRRing. You can accumulate alot of goodies for that dream layout in the time it takes you to finish high school and get out on your own.

    Oh yeah, don't fall for the "I don't need high school" trap, unless you really don't want to get around to building a layout.
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    yes, i agree, join a club, that means that every month it is here, you can run trains (we meet on Monday nights and open for the public on every 2nd????? sunday)

    then, get some advice and make a small layout
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    Midnight: While reading some of the above posts, my mind wandered to some inexpensive books of cutout buildings for HO trains. I don't know if they are still available but there's another cost cutting measure. Maybe someone here on The Gauge has seen them recently. Ingenuity is the key word for your situation and model railroaders are usually endowed with a lot of it, so keep on learning and you'll get that layout going soon.
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    There are no clubs in South Carolina. There's one in Rock Hill but that is too far for me to go. My dad said that as long as I pay for it and that it's okay with mom, he'll let me have a corner of the garage and get started. Tommorow, I'm going to start saving up. I have a few of my Gameboy stuff up on eBay. I just got a DS so I don't need them anymore. No one has bid yet. It might bring me $60-$100. I have two DS games for sale bring $20-$50 a piece. If they sell at the maximum, that'll bring me up to $200. Heck, they might even sell over that.
    I have to go to bed soon so I'll be off in a sec.

    Edit: Jim: What's a cut-out building? Just like punchout and fold it up?
    Bed Time, g'night,

    EDIT2: I've been looking at the pics in Photo Gems. Man! They're 'sexy!'
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    It might be interesting to see a thread with proposals for the most inexpensive yet still fun layout that people can think to build...including an estimated price sheet.... Hmmmmmm.
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    Hi Midnight, :wave:
    Here's a couple of places::thumb:

    The Iron Horse Modelers club is the perfect place to get away from the office, relax, meet other people and talk about trains. We invite you to visit.

    For more infomation, please call Bob Ray at (803) 366-7328 or Wayne Porter (803) 324-5820 or write:
    I.H.M.C., 2290 Blossom St., Rock Hill, SC 29730

    E-mail Scott

    Club Layout is located at 137 E Main St. (Woolworth building downtown Rock Hill

    Associated Model Railroads of Columbia
    Contact Person
    John Huffman
    1800 Lincoln Street
    Columbia, South Carolina 29201

    Phone (day)

    Phone (eve)

    Club/Group Email Address

    Club/Group Web Site
    Type of Club/Group:
    Permanent layout in clubhouse
    Modular layout

    Scale(s) or gauge(s):
    O (3-rail)
    We also have small S and G scale layouts.
    Charleston Area Model Railroad ClubTuesdays
    7 p.m. to 9 p.m.Categories
    Model Railroad ClubLocation
    4820 Jenkins Ave.
    North Charleston, SC 29405
    United StatesDescription
    A multi-scale club which includes, but not limited to: O-27, O, HO and N scales.
    Club has layouts and works in the community to expand interest in model trains.
    Contact Information

    Thomas Van Horn, vice president
    Grand Strand Model Railroad ClubCategories
    Model Railroad ClubLocation
    Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
    United StatesDescription
    We have a permanent HO scale layout above Ed's Hobby Shop in Myrtle Beach.
    We also have N-Scale modules.

    Hours of Operation: Mondays 5-9 p.m. & Saturdays 12-5 p.m.
    Admission Fee: $24
    Membership Fee: $24Contact Information
    Contact Address:
    James Reiner, S'cty
    3023 Sabal Court
    Murrells Inlet,SC 29576
    Phone: (843)215-7925
    Email: gswsec@hotmail.comWebsite
    Central Railway Model & Historical Association1st Thursday of each month
    7:15 p.m.Categories
    Model Railroad ClubLocation
    P.O. Box 128
    Central, SC 29630
    United StatesDescription
    Modelers, Historians, & Railfans meet at Central-Clemson Branch, Pickens County Library
    in Clemson/Central, SC. Programs, layouts from Z to 1:1, special events.

    Admission Fee: N/A
    Membership Fee: N/AContact Information
    Rob Seel
    105 Windsor Court
    Central, SC 29630

    Hope you can find what you're looking for!!:D :D
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    I can't get the "hammers" outa the URLs in the prev post.wall1 wall1
    Maybe one of our moderators can do it???????????

    Anyway, replace the hammers with the letters h a m r (no spaces).
    The links work anyway.
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    Another good source for paper buildings/mock-ups is back issues of Model Railroader. Many have scale drawings that you can photocopy (or even cut out) and stick to cerealbox cardboard ("cerealboard" in Gaugespeak ;)). I have done this to help fill in the spaces while I am building the actual kit. You can even colour them with paints or pencil crayons.

    I get back issues of MR from my local club and/or hobby shop for $0.50 each or less...

    LM - the standard for grass before ground foam or grass mats was dyed sawdust. Still works today, and gives that "retro" look to your layout...! ;) :D


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    Those are all great links that are worth bookmarking for anyone. Thanks for posting them all...
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    I make my own dyed sawdust, it looks good, for relatively short grass
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    Sounds cool... My dad said he would talk to my mom about it.

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