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  1. kronos

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    Well im at it again nothing like rolling 3 1 inch diameter tubes out of 110 pound car
  2. kronos

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    And here it is

    NULLMOON Member

    what the hell is "goo gone"?:)
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  5. BARX2

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    Great job on the Cosmos. It's on my to-do list.
  6. kronos

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    Thanks it was a lot of fun not to involved working on little joe 1 now as for goo gone I couldent live with out it a must for any one whose hobby involves adhesives it will remove just about anything along that line (and leaves a nice citrus sent kinda like florida threw up ):twisted: :twisted:
  7. kronos

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    Hey can any one explain this ive been a model railroader off and on all my life. I dicoverd card modeling a little over a month ago when I discoverd a model of a GP 35 locomotive but I started with the 1/96th Mercury Redstone from delta 7 and havent built a single train has this happend to any one else? Just totaly took off in a totaly different direction from your original interest
  8. BARX2

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    I have a similar story. I have built and flown model rockets for many years. I was getting a little tired of the lack of detail in my models and saw a link to a paper model Titan IIIc that someone in the model rocket community used to cover his model rocket body tubes to give them a more realistic appearance. I saw that card model and got excited and started downloading free rocket card models. Along the way, I also learned about card model airplanes and then I really got interested. I've built several planes, but then got interested in card model rockets and have been building a lot of them. But anyway, I got drawn into card modeling through model rockets. Haven't built a flying model rocket since. :oops:

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