Cosmos in Conflict Engineering Feat and Dice Contest!

Discussion in 'Competitions' started by cgutzmer, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    OK! This is a pretty simple little contest that I thought would help drum up some good ideas and breed some creativity along the way!

    In the game I am developing Cosmos in Conflict. We want to use 3 dimensional strategies - dont see that in table top too often! However it also creates a bit of a logistics problem - how to represent altitude in the game! There are really two mini contests here.

    Part one of the contest:
    I want a physical representation so you can see altitude easily. I have no preconceived notions of how it should work but I do have some requirements
    1. it should easily attach to a flat base
    2. It should easily attach to any ship
    3. It should lock in place at three heights. Or lock in place at variable heights with graduation mark on the device
    4. It should be fairly simple to build and adjust
    5. it should be sturdy enough to tolerate frequent handling as heights will change frequently throughout the game

    Part two of the contest:
    I want CiC dice! Typical DND style dice made out of paper for those that cant go buy them.

    1. Must make a complete set
    2. shouldnt just be plain old dice, unique colors or something spiffy, feel free to do something like making up neat symbols for rolls of one or highest number on dice. Just be creative
    3. two sizes - normal small dice to fit in the palm of your hand and large where one die will take up a whole page printout

    winning entry for each part will get a free copy of the game once its done. Votes will be a popular vote on a few sites where this is announced then added together!

    Email me entries at cgutzmer at gmail period com
  2. AbsoluteSciFi

    AbsoluteSciFi New Member

    Cosmos in Conflict... can't find any info on the internet about your game... is there any?

    What company are you with? And who is WE?

    AND- why should anyone work out a visual look for your game's look for what... a game that costs... IDK $20 bucks?

    I like a challenge, but I don't like to work for hire unless I am compensated, and I certainly don't give my talent away for someone else's personal gain. This isn't a contest- it sounds more like a scam.

    What is funny to me is how simple the task is... card cutouts... what you are fishing for is a visual look... ideas.

    I know several designers that formerly worked for Decipher, and this kind of work doesn't come free. But good luck with that- I am sure someone will work for spec.
  3. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    Thank you for the input. One thing I might suggest is that you do a little research before you go spouting off about a scam. If you knew me or this site even a little bit then you would likely have an idea who I am. I used to be the admin here, I own, I have posted here over 12,000 times (even though my current count only shows over 5,000 thanks to the shark) I dont think scamming anyone in this hobby is in my interests and I have a great deal of affection for everyone here given my history of being an active member for over 12 years.

    If you have questions, simply ask, dont accuse. You will find a much better response.

    Now to answer your questions if it even makes a difference at this point. The game is still under devlopment, my main game engine designer is offline due to reasons of his own but its nearly complete. I have had my hands full with shop upgrades and other initiatives to further our hobby so this is a bit on the back burner but I dont intend to let it go kaput. My first priority is to make sure the independent designers I represent get my time before other things, this includes the game, book I am writing and the IPMS Special Interest Group I recently started.

    To answer this one specifically
    why should anyone work out a visual look for your game's look for what... a game that costs... IDK $20 bucks?

    Since you dont really know me I need to explain this - Why did I open Ecardmodels? I opened it to help open up our hobby to the public. I love our community and I want to see it succeed and grow. Almost all of my profits go into marketing our hobby through different initiatives. This particular initiative is to help promote paper modeling to more table top gamers. Its a community here and people like to help out and be involved. If you are in this just for the profit then assisting with this particular venture is not for you.

    I hope this helps you understand who I am and what this is about. There has been a lot of progress on this that you do not see here, unfortunately participation on Zealot has been lower than elsewhere so I have not been posting updates here at all.
  4. AbsoluteSciFi

    AbsoluteSciFi New Member

    Thanks for being so open to my pointed observations... they are just that- pointed. I point them into the direction that I see- and that is what I see- Maybe it is just the artist in me that looks and sees everything that seems like a scam... or maybe it is the world that really IS that way; (I am a veteran artist) in either case, making models to profit from is an almost impossible endeavor, no matter what the medium.

    I apologize for being pointed.

    I think that you are to be commended for the enthusiasm that you have for this hobby and its community. I meant no disrespect... but the fact remains- the business has to at least break even or it will ultimately fold. No artist stays an artist without understanding this. Are you saying that Ecardmodels is not a business but a personal promotional endeavor for the sake of the hobby?

    ...And, I am not "in" a venture until I draw up contracts, some of my work is worth a lot of my personal time, for which I never get compensated for; even when I am commissioned to do work, certainly you understand this factor. Do not miss understand me, I am as passionate about models as the next guy, (or more so) but, I also work to a level of satisfaction that I don't give away, that is what sets my price.

    You are right, this venture is not for me, but making the dice is something I have already done- its fun, after all!
  5. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Active Member

    No worries on being pointed - it gets results ;)

    The business more than breaks even. I just choose to reinvest back into the hobby and the business. Right now its purely cash on the side, not my real job ;) Could I live off it? heck no.... would it help if I lost my real job? Most defintely :) My wife is skeptical like you are about it being a business vs a hobby. She finally accepted it as a business about 3 months ago after a year and half of running a profit and growing like crazy. When I opened shop I had maybe 150 models for sale. I never thought I would sell more than a few hundred but as it turns out people love to design and never had a place to make their designs worth their while. Now they do... I currently have well over 1400 models in the shop. Some designers take home tidy sums every month, especially those that live overseas and the dollar is worth more to them. For some it DOES put food on the table.

    If I was running this out of pocket expenses I would have had to shut down long ago. In fact I just added about 15 models to the shop today ;)
  6. AbsoluteSciFi

    AbsoluteSciFi New Member

    Yes, they are some nice products, I have seen the store before- and I said to myself, DAMN, someone beat me to it! I do not make that kind of work, nor do I have an intrest in it- all of my work is "super-real" by comparison, and I have done the dice project, it is something that I won't repeat for all its geometric complexity, the final product was less rewarding than I'd have hoped for... a bit delicate too.

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