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Discussion in 'Tips & Tricks' started by Dave Harris, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Dave Harris

    Dave Harris Member

    I'm not sure I spelled that right , but I'll bet you get the drift of what I'm trying to post here.
    An ongoing theme on here is HOW do I make this roof material? Or who sells it? Any one sell it reasonable?
    Here is a little doo dad that most anybody can whip up to make all the material they will ever want using Kitchen foil. I reccomend Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty-- it seems to be the strongest OR I have used & I really like the aluminum Foil repair tape -- kinda like duct tape--- It's really super but a bit shiny so you will have to scuff it with Sandpaper OR etch it for a rusted effect, works on the renoylds wrap as well.
    I made this from 1/4 X 1/8 brass bar, top & bottom are 1/4 square. You can see the two small pieces of channel in the top half, they are to keep the threaded "pressure bar " from turning, as the ends of the bar are ground flat to slide but not bind or twist & do have to be pretty close tolerance for side to side movement as well.
    If I recall correctly the threaded rod I used to make this was 2/56 but depending on scale other sizes could work . 2/56 is perfect for HO.

    To use it you must get the two screws to "mesh" , thats why the stationary screw is slotted -- once its lined up it pretty well stays ok -- I had not used this in 3 -4 years till just now & It needed no adjustment.
    The whole tool is about 1 1/4 X 1 1/2 excluding the screws.
    To use it just cut a strip of foil, slip it between the screws & tighten the pressure screws down a bit & gently , steadly pull the foil thru. You tear a few now & then but foils cheap!

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  2. Dave Harris

    Dave Harris Member

    Oh , I forgot to say that wetting the foil with a little water with some liquid soap helps a bit.
  3. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Active Member

    The results look great, and the little dings here and there make it look authentically used.

    Nice trick.
  4. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    I have made similar roofing by pressing foil between ribbon cable out of a computer.

    Some modellers here have even used the ribbon cable itself painted up as corregated roofing.

  5. nachoman

    nachoman Guest

    I made roofing material by wrapping really thin brass sheet around a bolt. At least that's what I remember doing...

    Anyway, this tool looks great, and is excactly what I am going to need (eventuallly). I've got a few mine type industrial buildings to build, and that campbell corrugated roofing will get expensive!

    Thanks for posting this. Hopefully I can remember it when I need it :)

  6. Dave Harris

    Dave Harris Member

    I was just looking at the tool again, I don't think I used 2/56 rod on this one , more like 3/48 or 4/40. I've got another one with 2/56 . It is more suitable for N scale. I remember the threaded rod came from a shop that sold R/C aircraft supplies , they use a lot of it for control pushrods.
    No matter what scale you work in the same idea will work , just pick the thread size that will give you the correct spacing for your scale.
  7. Triplex

    Triplex Active Member

    Another great idea I've never seen in a book.
  8. Dave Harris

    Dave Harris Member

    I think I just found another use for this material in an N scale configuration. I have been working on converting an HO wiking bus ( Mercedes I think ) into a greyhound mid 40s type. The model with the pontoon like front fenders --- they had some extruded trim similar to the later silversides. I think a piece of foil in a 2/56 rib would just about do it.
  9. COX 47

    COX 47 Member

    I work in N scale and I have a piece of Evergreen plastic roofing..I just tape a piece of pretty good quality paper to it and with a bamboo stick it trace the groves it to the paper[sounds like it would take a long time but you can do it in a couple on minutes] then spray it with cheap rattle can silver paint from the $ store and cut into size you need...


    This is a body shop I made from 1/2 a paper towl roll and covered with paper...Jerry
  10. Dave Harris

    Dave Harris Member

    The body shop looks good. I never said I had the only way to skin a cat.:yep:
  11. Dave Harris

    Dave Harris Member

    I thought that mentioning this thread about this tool when I was asked in my service station thread about corrugated metal might have gotten a few folks to look at it & hopefully a few might get built but I guess not.
  12. BillW

    BillW New Member


    I sure admire your creativity!

    Next time I build something requiring corrugated metal, I'll definitely try building a variation of your jig. While my jig would probably be a bit rougher than your device, I'll see what I can do with some machine screws. I was considering making my own metal sheet with a comb and foil, but this looks a whole lot more predictable. I'll be building a grain elevator model soon and I'm sure some of the side structures could use a metal roof.

    Thanks for the ideas!

  13. Hot Cinder

    Hot Cinder New Member

    nice little fixture! :winter1:

  14. shruthi80

    shruthi80 Guest

    Re: Corragated Roof Material Tool

    Thanks for sharing ideas and thoughts over here on Roofing. I too interested in searching more information on Roofing.
  15. ecenur

    ecenur New Member

    Kitchen foil works great as well, when I got new roofing done on my home, a lot of scrap pieces were generated, so instead of just throwing them out, I recycled them and use it as roofing material, or for what ever else I might need materials for.
  16. Sawdust

    Sawdust Member

    Here is a method I use for HO scale when I don't need a whole lot of material because it's a little hard on the fumbs.:thumb: I start out scoring the heavy duty aluminum foil instead of cutting all the way through.

    Next I just break them apart. I like this method better because it gives a better cut rather than just getting a few through cuts & ending up with a dull blade.

    Here you can see I use the body part of a pin vise. I just simply wrap it around while pressing with my thumbs.


    When you make one complete wrap the material wants to stick. I just pull this away & as it rolls around it follows down the other side out of the way.

    It comes off looking like a bunch of curls but once I slid it through my fingers it straightens out flat.



    I figure a few thumb cramps is worth the money saved for a small project. I hope this is helpful & thanks for viewing!
  17. jcoop

    jcoop New Member

    jim, that is a great idea. I ran to my tool box to see if I had a size that would work for O scale, didn't, but will keep it in mind for sure.

  18. usmc05

    usmc05 New Member

    I use the coffee holders from star bucks for my 1/35 scale dioramas.

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