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Discussion in 'Commercial & Civilian Vehicles' started by gilpna, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. gilpna

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    has anybody made a model of a CORR truck? im 17 and i really wanted to make one, so i started drawing it and i've made a pretty large model that looks as if it will be pretty crappy, i have not built it yet. if anybody finds something else please post a link to it. i will eventually build it and post pictures here, if you like it i will post the link to download the pdf. i dont have any of those 3d programs so i drew it by hand so it might not look very good:cry:
  2. Maico Shark

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    Just give it a shot, you may find some helpful, experienced modelers with wise words of advice. Post an introduction if you can. Don't ask members to post links...ask them to PM you the link (if they have one). Keeps things tidy. Anyway....welcome.
  3. Bad_Scorpion

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    I'd have to agree just try it out. I suggest using 3 views for reference or anything for that matter. Even if it is a little boxy for a first try is not an issue. just keep making revisions till it's what you want as for having one or making one I'm looking through my notes and list of what I have.
  4. Ronson2k3

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  5. gilpna

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    i have made a couple before but that was a long time ago and like i said, i dont have any of those 3d programs and i draw everything by hand so it does come out a bit boxy but the model itself came out pretty much the way i like it, anybody know where i can upload the pdf?
  6. gilpna

    gilpna New Member

    i've pretty much already did it and the build looks...well......descent i guess. its extremely amateur-ish so you might want to keep a permanent marker handy if you try building it, if i manage to upload the pdf file
  7. Ronson2k3

    Ronson2k3 Member

    Perhaps a pic of your build would help us help you design a second one..?

    As a thought I would break the truck down into parts that are of a particular shape. Then glue those parts together. I'm thinking there are quite a few curved parts despite it's rather boxy look.

    Another thing you can do is grab detail parts from other design. There is a site that has trucks that run in the Dakar Rally. You could use some the plans of the trucks to design your truck. I know they aren't the same but the wheels and tires and in some cases the frame could be modified to suite your needs.

    I'm sending you a few links as a PM
  8. gilpna

    gilpna New Member

    html is disabled in these forums, but i've posted a link to the pictures.

  9. Ronson2k3

    Ronson2k3 Member

    Cool pics. Nice build. You did a good job on the truck. It all depends on the amount of detail you want to have in your truck. I know the CORR trucks take a pounding too.

    When I tried to find the website for CORR there wasn't one so (broken link) I'm not quite sure what's happening with the series. I know there is a new president of the series. There is also SCORE too. I tried looking for the rule book so you could use there guide lines in designing the truck but I couldn't find one.

    Everyone uses pens to add color to there models it's SOP many times.

    You could probably upload them here if you like but there other modeling sites devoted to racing too that would be interested?

    Thanks for sharing.

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