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    Howdy all..
    Seems like I got myself into a bit of a bind! So far I have erected my joists on both ends of my layout but am having a bit of difficulty with the corner. I am not sure how to go about fastening the corner joists - to what angle and how many? I was told 3 in " V " shape. My "corner" is aprox 2 feet x 2 feet - 4 square feet if that makes it easier. total length 9ft x 7ft ( L Shaped) I am also fastening the joists aprox. 16 inches apart using 1x6's as joists.
    Thanks to all who respond in advance.
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    I don't have my benchwork book handy (lent it out!), but I seem to remember that the V shape is a bit of overkill. The roadbed and joists don't have to be a right angles, although it makes grades easier. Depends on the trackwork above.
    Spacing depends on the roadbed. I'm a renegade and a cheapskate -- I just use Homasote, but spaced the supports at 12".

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