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    Hey guys, I'm wondering if we have any coreldraw experts in the crowd. I sent Microscale a cdr file to do some custom decals for me, and I got this email in response. I only installed cd on the weekend, so while I am very adept at everything computers, they used some lingo which went waaayyyy over my head. HELP ?!?!?!

    "I had the Art Director take a look at it and she would like you to convert the fonts to curves because they don't look like they are coming in the right way. Also, we can't print from a bit map so the Wheat Kings logo needs to be drawn. The sheet also needs a clear so if you would like us to make the clear and draw the logo for you she said it would take about 3 hours at $50.00 per hour. We also would like to know what pantone colors are used in the logo?"
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    Changing the text to curves means "Convert to paths"
    select the text you are using then go to TEXT (Top line) then choose "Convert to paths"
    If you can post a photo of your logo, I will tell you what Pantone colours you are using
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    I use Corel Draw

    Seems to me you are having the same trouble I was having for quite some time, untill I figured it out. If you ask me, the problem is that you are trying to use a bit map. The trick is, how do you convert a bit map to a j-peg and this is something I pondered and fussed over for a long time. I would always have to print out my bit maps and then scan them with Corel Photopaint to turn them into a j-peg. But I am happy to tell you that that's not the case any more and I have found out how to switch files between programs right in the computer.

    Now I am asuming you have Corel Photopaint as it usualy comes as part of the package.

    So you create your image in Corel Draw and save it to a folder. Then you go to "File" in the task bar and open the fly-out. On the fly-out you will see "Import" and "Export" and what you want to do is choose "Export".

    In the Export window that opens you should choose the folder you want to store the new file in. Then there will be a space for the file name and then a space called "Save as type"

    The Save as type space has an arrow down beside it that opend a fly-out of the different types of files you can save it as. On my machine it automaticly chooses J-Peg. Once you have checked it all out hit the Export button in the top right hand corner and................there you go! You now have a j-peg of your cdr file and you can open it in Photopaint and use some of the neat stuff they got there to tweek it. Some times when I want a trick coloring job I leave the space blank in cdr and then color it when it is a j-peg. J-pegs are better files for pics anyway, but you probably already know this. More detail and accurate shading etc.

    You can re-size the immage too in Corel Photopaint.

    Hope this helps you out. Let me know


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    Another way to do it is to highlight the picture, click on "file" on the task bar and click on "save as". The window opens with the same arrow down that TC was talking about. Click the arrow and choose any of the formats in the menu, in this case jpeg. You don't even have to rename it and you can save it in the same file it came from.
  5. TrainClown

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    What you describe does not work with my version of Corel Draw 6. If it were that easy, I wouldn't have had the problems I've had. What version of Corel Draw are you using? I would be interested to know. Mine was published in 1995.

  6. Pitchwife

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    Right now I am using Paint Shop Pro which works very well, but all of the other paint or draw programs I've used it has always worked that way, although I admit that none of them have been Corel. They often have had both options, "import-export" and "save as". Some times you can even right-click on the image and get a "save" and "save as" option.

    When you click on "file" what choices does the menu give you?
  7. TrainClown

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    Sorry Clark

    Seems Corel didn't want to be like any one else when they set out to design Draw 6. When you pick "save as" in Corel draw and then pick the arrow down you get:

    Corel Draw (*.cdr)
    Patern File (*.pat)
    Corel Draw Templet (*.cdt)
    Corel Presentation Exchange 6.0 (*.cmx)

    Seems they wanted to set it up with more specific paramiters,so if you don't follow the book, then your lost. I have been working on Corel 3D for years on and off and it is real hard. Dose amazing things but hard to understand. I will get it some day.

    Good ol' Corel. I paid $700.00 for it when I first got it and I'll be derned if I'll give up on it now. The more I use it the better I get with it.

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