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  1. McGee

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    Okay, so here's a question for anyone. I checked the forums doing a search for this answer, but didn't find any.
    When you have a page that is a PDF image and you want to replicate a part because maybe you want to stack it as an extra depth relief piece..i.e.,the plating on a millenium falcon model, when you do the thing where you click and highlight that part in a blue, and it then gives you the option to "copy" it...when you click the mouse button to copy it, where does it copy to?
    I cannot figure out to save a life, where the image gets copied to, if at all.
    On a computer i had several years ago, it was obvious and not a way.
    any ideas any one? thank you.:mrgreen:
  2. silveroxide

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    It is usually copied as a draft. If you have a graphics program like Paintshop or Gimp and even Paint. go to the edit button and paste into new image/page. It will now be ready for editing. If you use this method, then in the PDF before you copy, upscale the image to actual size or larger. If you copy at a smaller scale than original, the copied image will loose pixels. The larger the image copied, the better the resolution.
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  4. SCEtoAux

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    It is copied to the clipboard which is a virtual clipboard so the image information is held in temporary memory on your computer. If you copy anything else before pasteing the image into another program it will be replaced in memory with what you have copied and you will have to go back and recopy the image you want.

    Open any program that can edit images and right click and paste as a new image. You will usually see a drop down menu with Paste as New Image or Paste as one of the choices. Clicking on one of those will paste the image into the program. You can also usually choose Edit>Paste to insert the image into the program.

    As mentioned before GIMP, PaintShop, and Paint are some image editing programs that will allow you to paste the image. MS Word or any word processing program or desk top publishing program that allows insertion of images will let you paste the image onto a page. You have to insure you maintain the proper scale.
  5. Rogerio Silva

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    All that being said, it seems that the mechanics of the "act" is well-explained. In Windows systems, it's the usual Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste). If you use GIMP or Inkscape, you can edit directly in the PDF file, and have it exported the way you want.
    All the best,


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  6. silveroxide

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    Also keep in mind, that some PDF's are password protected and they may not allow a copy paste function.
  7. Hello,

    there are different kinds of images in PDF files. Some are pixel-graphics and some are vector graphics. You see the difference when You zoom in at a high rate. With pixel-graphics You see pixels, vector graphics are still displayed with sharp lines.
    If You copy a vector graphic from a pdf and paste it in another program it could be that it is converted to a pixel-graphic there.
    To work with graphics in PDFs I like to work with the software Inkscape. GIMP is also possible, as Rogerio said.

    Kind regards

    Markus Schweizer
  8. McGee

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    hey thank you sooo much everyone. That is a huge help. very much appreciated. I did try to install both inkscape and gimp a week ago, as I saw that mentioned in a comment to someone in another topic,but when i did, they both loaded my computer with a bunch of extra peripheral add on installs and I had to go back and un install them all, but a couple stayed hidden and even though i un installed them, they keep reappearing. grrrrrrrrrr. So I completely deleted a BUNCh of things and did a restore point thing.
    Any ideas on that?
    I was bummed because I was excited to use them to start learning image stuff, but i never got anywhere. One of them wouldnt even run on my comouter.....keeping in mind that my computer is a garage sale, quasi repaired and "fixed up" computer. ha HAHA. jokes on me.
    all that aside. I do the best I can on it, but i sure run into snags when it comes to even simple things.
    Rogerio...I will be having quite a few "smack this guy" moments in the future..Don't worry.. I wont let anyone down. hahaha
  9. spaceagent-9

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    it gets copied to the clipboard, and then you must go to paint, choose the dashed box select icon, and then rclick and choose paste. the image will appear. to make it easy, just click on anything in the task bar and the image is finished. now you can re-box the image, and make any changes available to you in your paint or or whatever program you want to open the ping or jpeg image. simply saveas any title you spell out in the box and save it to desk top or my pictures or my documents. you can re-open it in paint to make further corrections or changes.
  10. ltzealot

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    If you want to try gimp, there is a portable version in
    One of my favorite image editing tools.
  11. Rogerio Silva

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  13. McGee

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    HAHAAH. thank you Rogerio. And thank you revell-fan. I really appreciate the both of you and your help.
  14. zathros

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    I have been way. Gentleman, the best program for this is XNView. It is free, it can be had here. It is aa very powerful program, always "sa as" a different name so the .pdf is not affected, or if you extract, name it what you want. XNView will allow easy resizing, and many more special effects. IMHO. Get the XNView for desktops or whatever you are using. You will have to tell it which printer you are using. It is a very fast program and is better for looking at photos, and watching movies, etc, than virtually everything else I have used. :)

    XNView =
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    Not sure if it is bundled with Windows 7 but theres a handy tool called Snipping Tool which I use at work to select any part of whatever is on screen. I then dump it into Paint and manipulate it there. Simple and very effective.

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