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    In light of my latest reinvigoration into model trains, I have
    decided to be the first to write my profile for the PSMRC membership.
    I hope someday the PSMRC club has a members only section such as a
    Google Group to save this and others profiles.
    I will also add this profile to my YAHOO Group site.
    Then maybe we can get to know each other better so as to play more
    nicely together.

    I offer this explanation and challenge to others to revel their PAST,


    I was born in New London Connecticut in 1952.

    I started in model railroading at around age 10 in Westbrook,
    Connecticut near Interstate 95 and the nearby train station.
    My uncle was a retired engineer from the New Haven railroad
    due to an injury sustained when someone threw a bar off a bridge
    through the windshield.
    I learned after his collection of HO trains was partially stolen
    about his interest in trains.

    I somehow started collecting my own pieces starting with a HO set
    that included a slot car section.
    It had solenoid operating gates that interrupted the slot cars
    automatically. The cars were not a trigger
    control but a steering wheel like the trains. There were tractor
    trailers also available for the roadway.

    I went to Amato's Toy & Hobby Hobby Surplus Home Page
    AmatosToyAndHobby.htm in Middletown Conn.
    They were at Springfield next to Charles Ro. I remember helicopter
    launchers and other action cars.
    I also favored New Haven switchers because my trains had to be picked
    up and not left assembled.
    I made small switching operations but had only seen passenger trains
    for real in Old Saybrook during the
    1960's (McGinnis paint scheme F5 ?).

    Later in 1970 I moved out of Westbrook to Essex near Routes 9 and
    154. Route 9 went to Middletown and
    Middlesex Community College (Ct). There I learned about the future in
    cable television and video cassettes.
    I started seeing more train stuff and Essex historical train museum
    was just
    starting. Welcome to the Essex Steam Train
    My parents moved and may have thrown out all my collection although
    they said I gave it away or sold it.
    That's another story.

    I moved to Arlington , Mass alone around 1973. I started riding the
    MBTA Red Line to Green Line Science Park / Lechmere.
    Later I moved to Woburn , North Reading, Framingham and am now Groton
    since 1983.

    While working at DEC as a technical instructor of PDP-11 system
    a co-worker started to design and HO layout to be used for a large
    PDP-11 computer for learning the programming
    for industrial process control. I switched to a group that was
    developing television under computer control using micro PDP-11 systems.

    I also designed and had built a box to connect the same to a MIDI
    Roland JUNO 106 music keyboard.
    You notice my interest in connecting things to computers. I still
    favor television from Middletown college days.

    The group I was in developed VAX Producer to be used to author
    interactive television for training and marketing.
    Later we looked at migrating it to the newly invented IBM PC and
    Apple Macintosh systems.
    Also we used the 10 foot satellite dish to receive broadcast
    television signals.

    Again I connected this to the computer.

    In late 1990 I left DEC and started using Auto-CAD for landscape
    design and DATACAD for house blueprints.
    I bought a copy of Autodesk 3D Studio with a computer animation
    circuit board.
    Also later arround 1994 had a Truevision Bravado video capture card
    with ADOBE Premier and PhotoShop LITE edition.

    I met Steve Lamb as he was a VIDEOGRAPHER in Tyngsboro and everyone
    knew I was into television and wanted me to
    videotape their wedding. I didn't want to do that and found out Steve
    didn't like it either. I asked him want he wanted to do and
    he said "PLAY WITH TRAINS".
    He had grown up in the area and had watched freight trains and had a
    Lionel New Haven E5 electric for his first train.

    I convinced him to quit video and find a job with trains. He went to
    the GREAT TRAIN STORE in Peabody MA and became
    manager. I went to see him and worked there through Christmas until
    the store was closed. He began a custom layout business
    and YOUTH in Model Railroading Club (Lowell Chapter) for he and his
    two sons.

    I have been helping him off and on and just introduced Mark Marsted
    to him last year. Harry Vig has joined the YOUTH club as well.
    I joined PSMRC to learn more about PLAYING with model trains. And
    CONNECTING them to a computer.
    Also I want to connect to slot cars for traffic like the area in
    Connecticut where I grew up.
    It will include Old Saybrook and Essex and other SHORE LINE railroads.

    My parents have since passed on after briefly following me to live in
    Some of you may have known me in those tumultuous days.


    I am now up to today November 1 , 2007.
    I am starting with the new PSMRC DCC switch yard (I called Gotham
    City) in some XTRAK or equivalent design program.
    On my own layout will center around the LokSound eCoS (LINUX based)
    I got in Springfield last year.

    I will be continuing to sell and build custom layouts for Steve Lamb

    Stephan Lamb Associates: Professional custom model railroad builders - Home page

    I hopefully will have a business called "Hubba's Club House"

    Hubba's Club House

    to finance my "Still playing with Trains".

    So again,
    I offer this explanation and challenge to others to revel their PAST,

    My FUTURE beginning in 2008.

    To try to computerize the design of the PSMRC club layout and
    eventually develop a simulation for members both old and new.
    It will also document it in a PDF, book, website and / or CD form for
    use by other PSMRC members.
    This fits what I was doing in the 1980's at DEC for the PDP-11 system
    programing. I now could use LINUX systems instead.

    Along with that is to create my own layout to be run by BROWSER while
    viewing on a WEB camera.

    The layout includes Marklin Z scale (POLA G scale greenhouse overhead),
    HO ( VW inter-modal ) and G scale as well as HELJAN container crane
    with FALLER car system tractor trailers
    and MAYBE HO slot cars on a combination MBTA and NEW HAVEN including
    AMTRAK (Acela), GUILFORD and anything else I may discover.

    Some ancillary N and HO scale layouts are designed, built and used to
    experiment, explain or to sell ideas where ever possible.

    Any questions or responses can be directed to me at

    I'll get it and add to my memory banks.

    Lee T Davy
  2. Renovo PPR

    Renovo PPR Just a Farmer

    That was a lot of reading. Welcome.
  3. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Welcome Lee! What is the PSMRC?
  4. cnw1995

    cnw1995 Member

    I'll bet MRC stands for Model Railroading Club.
  5. Cool Games

    Cool Games New Zealot 2007

    PSMRC is Model Railroad Club

    Pepperell Siding Model Railroad Club :wave:

    PSMRC for more detailssign1
  6. Ralph

    Ralph's for fun!

    Thanks Lee! I like that sea side scene with the painted backdrop!
  7. ddillaby

    ddillaby Acting Prez -PSMRC

    Re: PSMRC

    Don't believe him! :cry: It's Pepperell Siding Model Railroad Club, Inc. ( note the spelling of Pepperell)
  8. Cool Games

    Cool Games New Zealot 2007

    2 P or not to P ?
    That is the question.
    Fixed !
  9. ddillaby

    ddillaby Acting Prez -PSMRC

    If you don't P your eyeballs turn yellow!

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