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    hi could some 1 tell me how i would convert my old trains to dcc i was thinking of getting this one Power Cab DCC System would this 1 work
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    For each of the locos you want to place on your layout, you would have to install a "decoder". The decoder is simply a fancy-looking printed circuit board with electrical components soldered to the board. Depending on the style of decoder you buy, the decoder could be shrink-wrapped in coloured plastic with a bunch of wires hanging out one end. There are websites which give step-by-step instructions on how to install various types of decoders into various types of locos. Or, you could find someone who does decoder installs and get them to install the decoder.
    Next you need a command station/ booster. The Power Cab DCC system is made by NCE. You would simply follow the instructions on connecting the command station/ booster to your layout. Please note that, if you commit to buying an NCE system, you may need to stay with NCE if you want to get more throttles, signal systems, etc. (Decoders are standard between DCC manufacturers so you don't need to worry about mixing and matching decoders.) Compatibility between systems should be part of the research that you do. Here's some "Rules of DCC" that you might want to look at.

    Bob M.
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    First, you need to learn more about DCC systems, decoders, etc.

    You might want to take a look at the more powerful and expandable Digitrax Zephyr, although if you want radio on Digitrax, you will have to have a US contact buy/ send the equipment to you, as only NCE radio is approved by the Australian government. Digitrax also has IR, but it is LOS. Digitrax is the only system that has detection, signalling, and a true peer to peer network, not a polled bus. Digitrax can do Zero Stretching, which allows you to run one non decoded loco on the layout for a SHORT amount of time. It is a real kludge, by stretching the zero bits and creating a positive voltage potential over time, and the loco makes a terrible noise while doing it, but that is a feature that you should be aware of. I personally am going to disable it when I get my Zephyr.
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    thanks for all your help just 1 more thing i got a hornby select dcc system so i can any dcc chip with this
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    don't you need a computer to do all the signalling on digitrax? I didn't think it was capable of doing all that on its own.

    in any case, the powercab is pretty good. I have a Prodigy express system, and it works for me.

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