converting TU-114 in a "bear"

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  1. i cmae across an old maly modelarz TU-114 model from 1961 while helping a friend so some work on a relatives house. he offered it to,, its in pretty bad shape, but i did manage to scan it and am now doing a total recolor job on it.what i want to do is convert one to a bear bomber, since no can be found as downloads or for question is where am i to mounth the wings, and since the tops and bottoms of the wings are printed just about the same way do i mount them bottom first or top first, since they have conciderable drop to them when the aircraft is static... and where can i find good 3 way drawings... i want to add panel lines .. thanx
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  4. i m sure if i mount the wings where the passenger cabin windows are and give them a slight upward pitch at the leading edge it should work out ok,might have to make the main gear a bit longer but we will see. i still have yet to finish recoloring the Tu-114 and got more models from this person including a TU-104 that i hope to convert into a TU-16, and fixing some flaws in the B-52H , from my historic paper planes book:(... it would be sooo much better if fiddlers green had parts to upgrade their B-25D to a G or H
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