Converting Rivarossi Long Talgo to Kadee

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by kchronister, Nov 28, 2004.

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    I have quite a few Rivarossi passenger cars (older) with truck-mounted horn-hook couplers. I don't actually want to convert them all as the horn-hook couplers on the trucks seem to hold better on my grades and curves (I do have a set of spectrum passenger cars with swiveling-body-mount knuckles, and they constantly decouple on me - to the point that I've stowed them away idle).

    HOWEVER, I do want to convert the lead car on each grouping (i.e. typically a baggage or RPO car) so the lead coupler is knuckle - though still truck-mounted (all my motive power is knuckle now).

    The problem is the very, very long length of the horn-hook couplers from the coupler itself to where it's mounted to the truck on these RR cars. Probably 1" or so. I haven't seen any knuckle couplers set up this way - the ones I see are all quite short and intended for body-mounting.

    Anyone have a solution or know a source for "replacement" knuckes for these cars? I probably need 3-4 couplers total.


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    McHenry makes a (very) long shank knuckle coupler that clips around the bolster to replace these really long talgo/truck type horn-hooks. I have a similar set-up on my heavyweight passanger cars (although the talgo-type trucks have apocket so Kadee #5s fit easily). They stay coupled on 18" radius and 3% grades.

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