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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by csxengineer, Jan 3, 2006.

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    What is a good thread or website on making control panels? On some I've seen, the track diagram has mini toggle switches, is it for: on/off blocks, cab A-off-Cab b 3way blocks, or for switch machines? If it is for blocks only, where do most people put their switch controlers? note: This is not a DCC layout.

    I am thinking of making a seperate panel for electrical accessories. Example: I have an AC adapter cord (from an old grass trimer charger), that has an out put of 6.5 volts a.c. That will be hooked up to bus terminals which will supply power for all street lamps, interior lamps. The next one might be a 9 volt a.c. supply that is used for all brighter interior lights, etc. This way I don't have all lights operating at same voltage, looking unrealistic.

    Besides sound, crossing lights and campfire/welding torch, what is good animation in N scale?

    whew, that was long, huh?
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    Hi CSXEngineer
    If it come through I have a photo of my panel. It is not very clear. I use dtdb mini switches for controling blocks. Numbe one side comes from the Number one controler. The number 2 side to the number 2 controler. I used to run 2 trains at once but at my age (73) I had to much hassle controling the two train and switching back and forth so now have a double main line to run two trains at once with no hassle.

    Sorry, am unable to upload my picture. Things have changed since the last time I did this.
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    I think the answer is "all of the above" or "some of the above".
    Depends on your layout and control system.
    If you have cabs, there will be cab selector switches. There may also be on/off switches for sections at the end of blocks. There will be some sort of controls for switch machines -- push buttons or DPDT switches or rotary switches. There may be push buttons for electric uncouplers.
    Some people draw a track diagram with numbers and put all the switches in a line like a prototype signal box.
    DCC modellers drop all the cab/block switches.

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