Continuous Ink Flow Systems (CIS)

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    After spending waaay too much money on ink cartridges and refills, I finally broke down in January and purchased a continuous ink flow system to save my sanity and pocket book.

    Well, here it is almost 10 months later and I still have 1/4 tank left
    on my black and 3/4 left on my RYB tanks. I just ordered a refill set
    (because I had a little cash left over from ebay sales and wanted to
    make sure I would not run out) 4-400ml bottles for $26 Shipped.

    I would say that the test was a grand success and would highly
    recommend anyone who does any amount of printing to go this route.


  2. bonnettm

    bonnettm New Member

    Will check it out, thanks
  3. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    I have had a similar experience. I went a different route though. I ordered what is called an "Ink Refill Station" from This is essentially a massive amount of ink, with two sets of pre-filled cartridges. You remove the empty cartridge, put in the full one, and refill the other at our convenience.

    This cost $100 dollars, shipped free. I estimate I have probably 1.5 years worth of printing, by the few models I build and the tons of printing my wife and son do. Another aspect is that gets their ink from the same supplier that Epson uses in Massachusetts, who gets theirs from Dupont, the O.E.M. for Epson printers. The cartridges fit my NX415 printer and my Epson Workforce 1100/ So I got a 2 'fer.

    They gave me a lot of ink. I have filled up the cartridges 6 times since and it has not made a dent in it. I got 8 cartridges for my printers as the Workforce uses 2 Black ones.

    There is no reset switch, and since Epson goes by cycles, not the actual amount of ink, I just top them off, remove and replace, and all is good.

    I did not go with CISS as I did not want another system to maintain. also sells CISS. The bottom line is, Do not buy O.E.M. ink, if you can get quality ink (preferably O.E.M. from the original source, not brand name), and that's the rub. :)
  4. shiracld

    shiracld New Member

    i also got a CISS for my epson 1400

    i went with for my purchase primarily for the shape of the tank - theyre not the cheapest i saw but i prefered the low height of the tank around 100ml at 9cm
    it cost me up to 126 USD to have it shipped to me from usa to canada

    before i tried a refilled cartidge from the corner store and the colours were terribly bland; so far this new ink is comparable to the original epson i had


    Just refilled my black tank 3 weeks ago.
  6. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Next time you want actual Epson Ink, try This is ink from Dupont, who makes it for Epson.
  7. murphyaa

    murphyaa Designer

    Ooh, they have a set of CISS for my printer. I'll have to look into getting one.
  8. shiracld

    shiracld New Member

    hmmn i dont know if i should mix inks from one brand to another... i only know that the ones i have are dye based not pigment
    and IIRC epson uses pigment
  9. Zathros

    Zathros Guest

    Don't mix inks, especially Pigments, even with each other, the pellets could have different melting ranges. :)

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