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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by MPearson, Mar 24, 2002.

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    Does anyone know of a shop / distributor in Europe who will supply European continental models to UK customers. I am looking for a supplier that has a web site.

  2. Woodie

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    Looking for Lima stuff?

    My local mecca (Sydney) stocks heaps of Lima stuff from Europe. What are you looking for in particular? (They do not have a website). As an indication:

    4 car sets (powered):
    Eurostar FS electric TV age $249 AUS
    Coaches Orient Express $27 AUS
    Electric Locos:
    Class E424 of the FS $99 AUS

    Thaly's set (4 cars, powered with track) $149 AUS

    They are just examples from the ad in Aust Model Railway Mag.

    It's about 33p to the dollar, so take $AUS/3 for pommie pounds.

    Considering the hole the $AUS is in, that should be pretty good value for you.

    Anything in particular you are looking for?
  3. Woodie

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    another site.

    Oh.... I just had a look here It's a US site, and comparing prices ($AUS to $US) some items are a little cheaper, and some are more expensive. (Not by much though) varies by about $10 - $15 US up/down. This site was referenced in an earlier thread for Lima suppliers. It's not Europe, but we're getting closer!
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    I lives in Spain, but I always made my purchases of european rolling stock in Basar Valira in Andorra ( because they have very good prices. Check with they the shipping costs to UK. I know also another site in Germany that works with the most known brands and ships to all countries in Europe:

    Good luck! ;)
  6. MPearson

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    Thanks Woodie,

    I would be interested in what the price in AUS$ for the following.

    L149762 Three piece intermediate coach set for the FS ETR480 EUROSTAR PENDOLINO. Set is composed by a second class coach RB, a second class coach BB2 and a Bar/Restaurant car BA2.
    Epoch V, short coupling, length: 885mm. $129 US


    Thanks to Shamus as well. I have sent an email to Sharp Models enquiring. I will see what response I get.

    Topo - I to have been to the shop in Andorra, I have sent them an email, but their internet site is very limited and does not contain much of their stock. The shop was fantastic, I would visit it more often except it about 1000 miles from my home.

  7. Woodie

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    All I can go by, at this point, is the ad in Aust Model Raliway Mag.

    Not sure if this is what you want but:

    This is what is listed in their ad:

    4 Car Sets (Powered)
    Eurostar FS Electric TV age (red) also V age (red) and V age (blue) $249 AUS

    TGV "Pendulaire" of the SNCF $449 AUS

    TGV 4 Car Sets:
    Pendulaire SNCF (blue) $399
    Sud-EST SNCF Vage (orange) $419 AUS
    3 Car add on set Pendulaire $169 AUS

    4 Car Train Sets with Track (without controller)

    Thalys Set
    TGV Orange
    TGV Atlantique (blue) all $149 AUS
    TGV Eurostar (yellow) $179 AUS
    ETR450 Pendolino (red) $149 AUS
    Controller additional $20 AUS.

    Does any of that mean anything to you??:confused:

    The Pendolino "add on set" is not specifically mentioned.

    I should add, that these prices are inclusive of 10% GST (VAT), and it may be refundable for overseas purchases.

    Current exchange rate is .35p = $1 (ie $AUS * .35)
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