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  1. SeriousSam

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    Howdy. Where do you guys n gals buy your 20, 40, 48 or 56 foot containers for your double stack cars. I cant seem to find any cheap ones. I see them online for like 20 bucks each:curse:
  2. MCL_RDG

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  3. SeriousSam

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    thanx for the reply mark. Unfortunately, I cannot do that because they have to actually be weighed down. Well many I can put some weight inside those, but I would rather see where u guys buy them instead.
  4. shaygetz

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    I've purchased them for as little as $1 each at swap meets. Might want to try building a couple of masters, make some molds then cast all you need from that.
  5. MasonJar

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    If you are concerned about cost, then the paper/card ones weighted down with wheel balancing weights from you local auto centre are about as "cost-free" as they get. Get Staples or some other copier service to print them (cheaper than running your own inkjet at home). The wheel weights should be almost free for the asking at any of the "chain" garages.

    Otherwise the swap meet/flea market approach is probably your best bet. I agree that full price seems a bit much sometimes!

  6. SeriousSam

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    So print a copy of each and have someone else make more copies? That does not sound like a bad idea. I will most. def. try that out. Thanks for your help all
  7. KCS

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    Mold's are an pretty simple if you understand the concept but over all is much cheaper than $20 a container. Here's a link to where you can get resin castin mold supply's.

    Here are some good pointers and pictures on how to mold cast resin kit's. I plan on doing this in the future for a project I have planed. I am building a prototype trucking company but the type of truck I need are $30 for just the cab alone made from resin untouched right out of the mold. Hope this help's.
  8. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery


    You may even be able to take the electronic file (I think they are pdf's?) to the store on a disk or memory stick and have them printed directly. That way you will get a better result (not a copy of a copy) and they may be able to print them on card stock that your home printer may not be able to handle.

  9. railwaybob

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    Hello Mason Jar. I get mine at Larkspur Line in Merrickville.

    However, if you are trying to equip your double-stack intermodal train with containers, be prepared to pay a high price - unless you find them on sale. And then the ones that are on sale are not the brands that you would want on your intermodal train. It seems that there is a premium added to the containers possibly because of the use of copyrighted logos or else a high demand for containers and the manufacturers/distributors know that they can get a premium on the containers.

    Bob M.
  10. MasonJar

    MasonJar It's not rocket surgery

    Bob - Do you have intermodals behind those nice Connies? ;) Too new for me, but after making tons of card mockups for various things - why not containers...?

  11. Thoroughbreed

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    Aw man this is awesome! I was thinking of only running my wells empty, but now I can actually afford to fill them w something:thumb:
  12. Thoroughbreed

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    Just for the fun of it, I printed out the hamburg 40'ers on reg paper and assembled it. You got to get those corners just right, but overall it looks real good! except for the fact, my printer ran out of black ink, so my containers ended up being green and yellow,:D :) but I like em, interesting look. Perfect fit for 40'ers too.:thumb: :thumb:
  13. Thoroughbreed

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    Anyone know where to download some 45 or 48 footers?
  14. jasbourre

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    Just called my STAPLES Business Depot, the will print of a .pdf file and will use card stock for $1.00 each copy.
  15. jimk

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  16. jimk

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    I have printed and assembled the paper ones. I wasn't too worried about weight as they were going in the Walthers metal cars. But it wouldn't be too hard to add some weight in there depending on how you built them. I had some foam core board and you could add a little wight in between the layers. Like Thoroughbreed said, if you get the corners just right, they look pretty good. I've even taken some templates and put two 20' containers on the bottom, and a 40' on top.
  17. Mrplow123

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    I have been having great luck making these my self. I print them with my ink jet on card stock. I use a straight edge and an X-acto to cut them out along the egdes. Then using the straigh edge and X-acto I lightly score where the bends will be. I glue them together with a glue stick. I get sharp clean corners and they look almost as good as the real ones I have. The cheap price makes them look better then the real ones in my oppinion. For $2.25 for 2, which is how much those plain ones cost, I can get more then 20 decorated containers by printing them. And as stated, I put mine in my Walthers metal cars, so weight is not an issue.
  18. Thoroughbreed

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    Oops, let me clarify my question a little.
    Does anyone know where to download some of the 45' and/or 48' printable cutout containers in HO scale?:thumb:
  19. Don't forget, the German ones are European N guage which is 1-146, so the size will be incorrect if used directly. Not by much but it will be noticeable.
  20. SeriousSam

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    I have a bunch of Con Cor double stack cars. Weight is an issue :(
    On the other hand, I have a bunch of Walther's metal ones, so I can use these there. Thanx for the help yall

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