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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by Mr_terd3, Mar 1, 2008.

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    Hi :wave:,
    i was looking for a just a basic container ship model, cant find one here, has anybody got one, would be a GREAT help, Cheers
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    JSC do a 1:400 container carrier called Mary Arctica. Comes with English instructions and photographs showing the assembly sequence. Builds intoa model around 11-12 inches long.
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    Cheers guys, JSC?
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    There is also a smaller container ship offered by Kartonowa Flota, the ATLANTIC JAMAICAN, which seems to be available from the usual sources, in 1/300 scale. Here's a link to a picture at the Monduni site:

    Containerschiff Atlantic Jamaican 1:300

    Interesting little model, it has a container crane as is common on the self loading class of these little ships so they can call at ports without an extensive container handling facility/crane. It also seems to have a ro-ro ramp like structure on the stern...guess they can drive the container on a chassis up the stern ramp and unload and stow the container with the ship board crane!

    I've actually just started working on a version of this kit, reduced to my usual scale of 1/600 pictures available yet.

    I'm still hopeful of attempting to design a kit of one of the more typical container ships based on the Maersk line vessels, but that's something that has to wait until I get more familiar with the design programs, such as Rhino.
    Not to mention I haven't a great deal of free time these days....

    Hope this helps!

  7. Try this one it is a great site for container ships free.


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