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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by nachoman, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. rogerw

    rogerw Active Member

    Wouldnt it be nice to take all the plus's from all the systems and make one perfect system.
  2. cntown

    cntown Member

    for my layout i will be able to plug in at a few different locations and i will probably be the only operator besides my son.there isn't a local club in my town that i know of so probably not to many visiting engines from other railroads,but from most of the talk so far it seems digitrax's is the popular system out there.
  3. MarcO

    MarcO Member

    Ok well my order is in. I saved enough on the unitrack to make the $170 Zephyr a non-issue. I can bet you that they will update the look on this model. Its very 70's compared to say the Atlas/Lenz.
    Im sure ill have much more to ask/share soon! Thanks all!

    6 Kato N R481-15D CURVED TRACK-4, LIST PRICE $7 PN:386-20160 @ $4.90 each
    2 Kato ELECTRIC TURNOUT #4 LEFT-1, LIST PRICE $32.75 PN:386-20220 @ $22.92 each
    2 Kato ELCTRIC TURNOUT #4 RIGHT-1, LIST PRICE $32.75 PN:386-20221 @ $22.92 each
    4 Kato N 248MM STRAIGHT TRACK (4), LIST PRICE $8 PN:386-20000 @ $5.60 each
    1 Kato BUMPER 62MM TYPE B-2, LIST PRICE $6.75 PN:386-20047 @ $4.72 each
    1 Kato N 62MM FEEDER TRACK-1, LIST PRICE $4.25 PN:386-20041 @ $2.98 each
    1 Kato N 62MM STRAIGHT TRACK-4, LIST PRICE $6 PN:386-20040 @ $4.20 each
    1 Digitrax ZEPHYR DCC 2.5 AMP STARTER SET, LIST PRICE $199.99 PN:245-1034 @ $169.99 each
  4. TrainNut

    TrainNut Ditat Deus

    Congratulations on your leap of faith! Looks like you've ordered enough to keep you busy for a little while!
  5. nachoman

    nachoman Guest

    Geez. This thread is turning out to be quite informative. I didn't realize the bachmanns were that chep. I think the Zephyr is probably in my future, but now that I learn the bachman's are that cheap - I am seriously considering getting one of those first, until I really get my layout up and running. One of the drawbacks to dcc is that I would have to have a separate system for temporary setups (around the christmas tree, etc). Yeah I know some decoders allow for operation on straight DC, but this sounds like a sure invitation to trouble and a fried decoder. So, If I get a bachmann until I decide what I truly want, I already have a system to use for temporary setups. 60 bucks really is cheap. That's just slightly more than a tank of gas - or about how much I would save by riding my bike to work for two weeks!

  6. cntown

    cntown Member

    the one thing about the bachmann dcc controller is that if the loco is sound equipped it doesnt control those functions . I have an Atlas 8-cw with dcc & sound that i activate with the quantum engineer attached to my dc powerpack maybe that would work with the bachmann also
  7. Fluesheet

    Fluesheet Member

    TrainNut makes a good point re: DC engines and dual throttle knobs. I have owned both a Digitrax and (now) and NCE system, and while I didn't find much use for the DC engine option (DC motors run on DCC make a terrible racket), the dual throttles were nice. In addition, it's generally easier to find parts for Digitrax.

    NCE's ease of use is what turned me - you'll hear this frequently, and at least for me, it is the bonified truth. I've found all manner of tasks just, well, easier with it compared to Digitrax. NCE's Powercab would be a good fit for your use; relatively inexpensive, fully functional, portable and expandable.

    Your best bet is to get your hands on a couple systems and see what works. Any of the better known brands will support your needs with no issues, so it really comes down to how it fits *you*.


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