Conrails recent derailment

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by hooknlad, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. hooknlad

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    Derailment shuts Sayreville road
    Home News Tribune Online 06/5/06

    SAYREVILLE -- A Conrail train engine derailed shortly
    after 2 p.m. today, resulting in the closure of Bordentown
    Avenue to automobile traffic, authorities said.

    Police said the engine jumped the track for an unknown
    reason. There were no reported injuries.

    Motorists were being rerouted this afternoon as
    authorities waited for a second train engine to assist
    with the derailed locomotive.
  2. MilesWestern

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    That's funny, considering that Conrail hasn't been in business for years!
  3. Ralph

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  4. Russ Bellinis

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    It sounds like the conrail shared assets shortlines are used by the CSX & NS much like the Los Angeles Junction Rwy is used by the BNSF and UP to pick up and deliver cars to local urban industries.
  5. it nice to know cr still is around ( maybe cr is waiting for csx or ns to fail so they can make a come back) just a hope but i doubt it to happen. GO CONRAILannounce1
  6. toolman

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    This is news to me. I live about 2 milesfrom the brownsyard. I was home yesterday, i would loved to go there and watch them get that engine back on to the track.

    Since were on the subject of this yard, i saw recently a box car with name PAM AM with their logo. the color scheme was a dark and light blue paint job.
    Is there anybody out there knows anything about this?
    I thought PA AM no longer exists?

  7. Dave Flinn

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    PanAm is the new name for Guilford, I believe. They bought the rights to the old PanAm Airways logo etc. and are now using for their rail operations.
  8. toolman

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    Dave, thanks for that information.
    I do present day and that car could be a good addition to my layout.
  9. green_elite_cab

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    yeah i saw the pan am cars to, they are weird. Is conrail shared assets really a shortline now? i though it was literally a combination of CSX and NS that kept everything balanced so that competition wasn't lopsided.
  10. 60103

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    I think the shared assets areas are mosrly yards where the NS and CSX lines meet and they couldn't be diivided; also some lines that were too critical to be claimed by one or the other. I don't think there's enough connection to call it a shortline.

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