Conrail Blue?

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    posted this on the n-scale forum as well... twice is all I will post it, not going to overkill my question lol... but I couldnt decide which forum this would fit, kitbashing and design or just the regular N scale forum.

    Hello everyone... [​IMG] my name is Chris and this is my first post on The Gauge. Man this is a awesome forum, areally appreciate what you guys are doing here. Anyway I model N scale, have a 3x7 layout on a door that is my personal project. I also belong to the Knoxville Area Model Railroaders N scale club in which we run operating sessions every 2 weeks. Anyway to my question...

    I model NS and Conrail and some CSX. I am repainting some of my loco roster to Conrail, and was buying paint the other day at the loal hobbytown. They were out of all brands of acrylic paint (in which I rather use) for Conrail blue. I went to Michael's and looked at some of the craft paints they had. They had a ton of different color blues. Just wondering if anyone here may have used a "craft paint" for painting a Conrail Loco and maybe could give me the color they used so I could match it up. Copen Blue looked close to Conrail blue but I wasnt sure. Also maybe you guy could list some equivalents, cuz craft paints are so much easier on the budget...thanks chris [​IMG]
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    Can't give you a formula, but at the price of those paints get the blue that is close, some white and a darker blue and start experimenting also a good color photo of the blue you are matching. Conrail blue changed I think 3 times over the years got a little darker each time. Fellow member TomPM uses these type paints and mixes them 50/50 with blue windshield washer fluid to spray and it works fine as I had to custom mix a batch of paint using these type of paints to match a manufacturers color. Once you get a good base color it is easy to lighten it to show various stages of weathering. Good luck and have fun!!
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    Thanks so much for your reply... I am going out today with a pic in hand to Michaels...
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    For referancing CONRAIL BLUE:

    there are a few options.
    1. 3 parts R-56 GN Big Sky Blue
    1 part R-50 Dark Blue

    2. R-158 CONRAIL Blue

    3. AP-7 CONRAIL Blue

    * R=Floquil

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