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  1. dturnerfish

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    I am about to build my first N-Scale track and will make it DC at first, but I know I will eventually want to make it DCC.

    I am considering Atlas track and Atlas Turnouts, but to my understanding the turnouts are insulated, and that elctrofrogs are more DCC compliant.

    What issues are there using insulated Turnouts and DCC?

    What other things I should keep in mind to be DCC compliant in the future?

  2. rksstl

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    Hi DT welcome to The Gauge. Atlas turnouts will work fine, thats what I'm using with DCC.
  3. seanm

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    Actually Insulated frog turnouts are fine for DCC and in some cases a lot better. Only problem is the short wheelbased locos stalling.

    Atlas should be just fine!

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