Concorde models released

Discussion in 'Internet Finds' started by patriot missile, Jun 27, 2006.

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    Wow, that's cool. I'm assuming they upsized the Currell model? It looks like the parts. Does it say anywhere in there about making the upsized model available?


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    BIGGER Concorde Card Models

    Hi Rick,

    Well, the availability of such a large model depends largely on your own printing equipment.

    In this case, Christian rearranged the parts of the (vectorized) Air France Concorde model (by Ralph Currell) using the CorelDraw II software and then enlarged and printed the new sheets on his own laser printer, presumably in European A3 (or even A2) size.
    He explains that he preferred the Air France (vectorized) version to the British Airways one (by Erik te Groen), which is rasterized in the original.

    Alternatively, you could take your original PDFs and put them on a CD and take them to a local print shop and have them printed on card stock in an ultra large size. (The cost for this should be negotiable between you and the print shop).

    Actually, I think I might try some A2 copies (on semi-glossy card) of the Air France version myself when I´m done with the A3 model . . .

    Good luck with your big builds!
    Bengt :grin:

    Full-scale Concorde:
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    Any time I've seen a big build like this I wonder how well it would work out to just increase the size in photoshop, and then redistribute the parts onto normal size sheets. Of course that would depend on having no one piece larger than a sheet, in which case you'd have to split them into multiple parts. Ugh. I guess it probably would not be worth the trouble, unless you REALLY wanted it badly!

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    My friend Bengt...

    I would love to build a plane like the one you and rlwhitt are describing... but it seems that the kartonmodell-forum web site is down.

    Anyway, it would be a big project for the Museum. BTW, yes, you all are most welcome to Mexico and Juarez.
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