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Discussion in 'Track Planning' started by RevnJeff, Feb 28, 2006.

  1. RevnJeff

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    Here's the layout that I am currently working on. It's an L-shaped layout, 10' x 8' with the width being 2'. Any feedback would be welcome.

    Augsburg & Concord R.R.
    (a fictional shortline in Central Illinois)
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  2. ocalicreek

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    Check out this link for possible ideas and inspiration.

    As for this plan, what about swapping the team track for the lumber yard, to give a better look at the team track (not hidden behind whatever lumber structure may be there)?

    Also, have you begun construction or is this still just the planning stages? Plus, what era/motive power are you planning on using?

    Looks pretty neat so far.


    Oh, "Augsburg and Concord"? You MUST be Lutheran, right? Contact me off list if you'd like to chat church sometime.
  3. ocalicreek

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  4. webmaster

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    Looks OK to me, the only thing I would say & this might just be the picture, but the tracks look awfully close together?
  5. cnw1961

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    Hello Jeff,

    looks good to me. The shape and size is close to my layout. Only one suggestion: I would build a rounded corner between the two legs, leaves some more space between the first track and the edge of the layout.


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  6. Gary S.

    Gary S. Senior Member

    Wonderful link, thank you very much! Exactly what I needed, I can mix and match those layouts into my around the room shelf layout.
  7. pgandw

    pgandw Active Member

    Another layout of interest for a space like this is the Atlas HO-10019 - see Code 83/100 layouts at It might be more crowded than you had in mind. I think one leg is 11ft, but can be shortened with a little effort. I personally like the wye in the corner - your opinion may vary.

    yours in planning
  8. jetrock

    jetrock Member

    Looks like there is lots of switching action going on--is it your intention, though, to use a double-tracked mainline? It seems like the second mainline track is unnecessary unless that is part of your greater layout scheme. Also, the runaround track on the lower right doesn't seem to serve much purpose other than allowing a switcher to run around a couple of cars and go back in the other direction--which, given the small number of cars one could run around, seems like it could be done more easily by just backing up the train.

    The industrial switching areas seem to be accessible only by the second track of the interchange yard--trains would, I assume, enter on the foreground mainline at lower right, enter that second track and then back into the industrial spurs to spot cars on the facing-point spurs (2-5) and then finally run around the cars destined for 1.

    My own personal suggestion would be to combine the two runaround tracks into one--essentially, one big runaround that stretches from the lower right, around the double-track curve, and then ends just before the entrance to the interchange yard. That would simplify things a bit, and give you enough room to run around a much bigger train--and save you the cost of two switches!
  9. RevnJeff

    RevnJeff New Member

    Thanks for all the wonderful feedback. I have taken some of your suggestions and made some changes. Let me know what you think. By the way, the tracks do look close together, but they are on about 2" centers. It should be fine. I suspect the compression of the plan makes them look closer together.


  10. shortliner

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  11. ross31r

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    lol, going to be using a fair few of those layouts for modules on the traction line!
    The plan looks fine to me, looks like it should be in an old industrial area of a city, prehaps going through a more run-down area?
  12. RevnJeff

    RevnJeff New Member

    There is an area on the North Side of Chicago where there is plenty of street running and urban decay.
    The link is for the web page titled "Chicago Northside Switching Operatings"

  13. cnw1961

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    Hello Jeff.

    that’s funny. I was inspired to build my layout by exactly the site about North Chicago switching you mentioned in your post., especially by the pics of the Lakewood branch and Goose Island. I finished laying track and wiring and I am starting to build the scenery and the first structures now. Here is the trackplan of my layout.

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  14. RevnJeff

    RevnJeff New Member

    Love the track plan. Looks like it has some great possibilities. By the way, I plan to use the CNW MP15DC put out by Atlas to switch my layout. (Or at least one of the locomotives).

  15. cnw1961

    cnw1961 Member

    I am modelling an earlier era, my locomotives will be CNW RS3, SW 1200 and GP 9. It took quite a while to develop this track plan. I hope it turns out to be nicely balanced between scenery and opeartion. Time will tell.

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