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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by skipgear, Nov 2, 2005.

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    I finally bit the bullet and upped what I was willing to pay on Ebay and picked up an older RR 2-8-8-2. It was even in the right road name, although it will probably be repainted to be a little more accurate. I took a chance on an auction that had a very vauge description and got very lucky. It is an original version (plastic box) with a standard, long distance, tender with dog house (not prototypical as far as I know). I am breaking it in right now as I type. This thing was brand new in the box. It showed no signs of previous running. It took a little help to get it rolling at first. I removed the motor enough that it could freewheel and let it run like that for about 5 minutes till it smoothed out. Then reassembled the loco, put a second engine behind it on the test loop and let it help it around for a few minutes. After that it seems to be running just fine. I have gone about 15 minutes in each direction around the loop, both forward and reverse. It now runs very smooth and the startup voltage gets lower each time I try so I think I have a winner. (Knock on wood)

    For those with experience, is there anything else I should watch out for?
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    These things tend to lock up with age. I have had two do this, one an older one, one from the last issue. When the old one locked up, it broke the zirmac chassis. If they do lock up, you can usually unlock them, but my newer one finally locked up for the last time: it ruined the drivers, the rods, everything. they are both now parts.

    A while back, C-C was offering to trade a 2-8-8-0 or 2-8-8-2 for a new GS-4. The condition of the locmotive did not matter, it only had to be complete. You sent the locomotive and forty-three dollars to C-C and got a GS-4 of their choice (probably a PRR DGLE coal burner, but what the___________, you know, considering that the 4-8-4 had a list of three-hundred bananas)

    The problem is that the zirmac chassis just does not last and will undergo changes based on the weather. I know that I will never buy any more of these. Of course, I have stopped buying big steam, period. Small to average for me.

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