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  1. Just bought a couple of N scale ConCor bay window cabooses. I would like to install MicroTrain couplers. My problem is this: The factory rapido couplers are installed in boxes that are part of the cast metal frame. I see no way (short of grinding the boxes off) of removing the stock couplers. Am I missing something? Has anyone out there had any expierence with installing MT couplers on said ConCor cabooses? Thanks and Happy New Year!!
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    I haven"t dealt with Con-Cor rolling stock, but I'll take a stab at it.
    I'm guessing, that the center beam on the underframe is either held on by small screws either through the truck bolsters, or down from inside. More than likely from the bolster screws holding the trucks in.
    Its just a guess.Wish I had a pic.....Can you post one?
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    I had a Con-Cor bay window caboose with the same issues. I can tellyou that the underside is one complete molded piece in metal. The only way I see to resolve the issue is to grind out the area. I tried with NO success. It was disheartening. Good luck! Hope someone can come up with a different approach.
  4. Since my first post on the caboose issue - I did a little experimenting. I was able to pry the plastic floor/brake wheel/ladder area off just above the coupler box. The plastic piece acts as a cover for the coupler and you can replace the coupler & spring. But it still looks like the grinding deal is the only way to make enough room for a MT coupler. I would post a pic of the unit - but I don't know how. Thanks for the replys!
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    I am not an n-scaler, nor am I that familiar with micro-trains coupler varieties. But in HO, Kadee makes a coupler for nearly every application, and they publish a chart or recommended couplers for different pieces of rolling stock. Perhaps micro trains has the same thing, and maybe they have a special coupler for that application. Maybe contacting their customer service would get you some advice.


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