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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by twobows, Sep 13, 2006.

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    Hi Lou, welcome to the Gauge.:wave: I have a couple of these cars, although I don't have a photo of them to post. The cars are a pretty good rendition of baggage cars built for the Canadian National by National Steel Car, in Hamilton, Ontario. I'm not sure how prototypical they would be for other roads, but they're a good representation of a 70' lightweight baggage car. The body is two pieces, consisting of sides, ends, and floor, and the roof, which is cast in clear plastic, and fits into the carbody. Unpainted side extensions below the roof thus provide window "glass" for the doors, similar to Rivarossi passenger cars. The trucks have metal wheels in plastic sideframes, and couplers are mounted "Talgo-style" on the trucks. Kadee #508 conversion sets will work on this car. All body/ underbody details are cast on. I shaved off the steps and grabirons and replaced them with metal parts and also added some roof and underbody details. The car, as it comes, is a decent model at a reasonable price, and its shorter length makes it a good choice if your curves are fairly sharp.

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    :wave: welcome to the gauge Con Cor is a fair quality for the price ,while i don't have any of the cars in the link i do have several box cars that the put out .
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    Oops! I revise my post as I was thinking of a completely different manufacturer. Sorry :oops: If a moderator could remove this post that would be great!

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    Thanks Wayne and Jim,

    I have seen some of there G scale stuff also but have never looked at them up close. I will give it a shot and order a few. I feel better about it now.



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