Completed WDS 1:300 Podskali and Skalka

Discussion in 'Dioramas & Displays' started by Hi-Torque, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Hi-Torque

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    [​IMG]Friends here are a few photos of my version of Weiner Design Studios Podskali and Skalka Kits. as its in 1:300 or TT scale the entire diorama is about 18" square. most of the vehicles are about 1/4" wide.

    In addition to the parts provided with each kit, I also used some of the excellent Lokostranky rail cars and some engines and rolling stock from other WDS offerings. There are also a quite a few scratch built pieces.

    I made the base and formers for the cliffs overlooking Podskali out of illustration board and foamcore. The bay was filled in with colored fiberglass resin and the wakes etc., were formed out of white RTV (a sealant).

    In all I guess I put about 7 months of evenings and weekends into this sucker. The trees were by far the most tedious part.

    It was just a pleasure to build, outstanding hand drawn art and excellent design and fit.

    I have quite a few more photos showing more detail if there is any interest.



  2. Elliott

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    You bet there's interest! This is great work Cris. Please, post away!
  3. Hi-Torque

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    A few more showing progress during the build and my outstanding clumsiness...err details:

  4. Hi-Torque

    Hi-Torque Member

  5. Padre

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    Looks great, I like the layout.
  6. Hi-Torque

    Hi-Torque Member

    Thanks everyone for your kind words. I have the Airport in this series, and would like to start work on it eventually.
  7. Elliott

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    Love to see a build thread on the airport or anything else you build. Is there a way you could point out some (or all) of the things you scratchbuilt in this diorama?
  8. Hi-Torque

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    Hello Elliott,

    Well, I wish I could say I scratchbuilt some really wonderful things...but...

    Primarily, both kits were designed on separate flat bases. I had to do quite a bit of tinkering to add depth for the stream and bay. Joining the two kits together also presented some challenges as the two hilly/cliff areas needed alot of internal formers to join up like I wanted.

    Beyond that, a lot little (ha! no pun intended) details: a small cemetery behind the church, the pool and swing set in the backyards, signs over the shops, the sidewalk cafe with umbrellas, the rooftop gardens, all of the streetlamps (which were made out of bristle and seeds), the marina docks, the railway signs and signals, the boat ramp, the window box planters, and all of the bridges and protrusions that were a (welcome) side effect of creating the bay and stream bed.

    Also, the vehicle placement is entirely arbitrary, I used vehicles from many sets and sources. Some are 1:100 scaled down to 1:300. The blue crane is from an ABC magazine, and some of the rolling stock is from Lokostranky which as I mentioned are quite cool.

    I also made about 10 more trees and tree groups. The trees as I mentioned earlier were...interesting. Each one has 5 to 7 parts with lots of scallops. I think I went through about 35 #11 blades on this thing.

    I just want to say again, if anyone is thinking of building these two, I cannot recommend them highly enough. Or for that matter, any of the Minibox offerings.

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