Compiling the Ultimate List of Movie/TV Cardmodels Online

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by paper hollywood, Jul 10, 2007.

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    I was looking through the Battlestar Galactica section and noticing all the Colonial Viper models that are available now. A lot different than way back in 2001 when I had to design my own so I could have one.
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    If someone wants to add or give you link, how is that done, and I do apologize if you have posted that somewhere else.
  3. Oh, no problem and a very good question, indeed. Right now, you can just drop me an email at As soon as I get the new blog addition ready, folks can can just contact me through the online contact form. Of course, you could also send me a message through this forum's DM service (I think?). Please do drop me note if you know of any good additions or have any other ideas for the site. I've added lots of models that way-- and restored several "lost models". In fact, if anyone's a designer (or knows one) who's taken their site down and is looking for a new place to host a good model, I'd consider hosting. I only host one model at the moment and I might have to recend that offer at some point, but I'll certainly do it until I see some reason not to. I hate to see great models go.

    This last update I found the link to one of my favorites was down, Howl's Moving Castle. But after some Googling, I ran across a blog with a nice post on it and a new download link, plus a link to English directions, which I'd never seen.

    The most painful loss this last time through was the super detailed Space 1999 Eagle Transport designed by K.Withers & M.Robitaille. If anyone knows of a new link to that model, please let me know.
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    this site is epic and truly appreciated. there is not a model there that i cant wait to build e.e
    so many models... so little time...


    I'm a fan of paperhollywood.
    Here is another site that has a lot of movie and TV subjects mixed in with the gaming stuff.
    Btw I might have the old SalvageI somewhere if you can restore it.

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