Compiling the Ultimate List of Movie/TV Cardmodels Online

Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by paper hollywood, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. Hi! I can't believe I just ran across this forum for the first time. I'm a total card model download fanatic and have been into c-mods for a couple of years. I especially like movie/TV theme stuff, and while trying to organize my file collection so I knew what was there, it occurred to me it might be great if there was a web page that listed all downloadable movie/TV models organized by title & vehicle/item name with thumb pics. So I last week I started this FreeWebs site (totally non-profit) for just that.

    This forum is a great help in compiling new listings and I hope my site will be of use to you folks, too. I appreciate Charlie C's post about Ed Bertschy's generous sharing of the Hannibal Twin 8 files. I've not hosted any models myself yet, but I intend to put this one on the list soon.

    I've titled the site "Paper Hollywood". At around 150 listings so far (many designed by great members of this board), I've got a long way to go even listing the models I presently know. Even so, that's 41 Star Treks, 19 Star Wars, 6 Battlestar Gallacticas, 5 Aliens, 3 2001: A Space Odysseys, 3 Back to the Futures, 3 Batmans, 3 Pirates of the Caribbeans, 2 Space:1999s, and quite a few others.

    Please check it out. I welcome suggestions for additions, improvements, gripes, and whatever.

    Paper Hollywood |
  2. MOS95B

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    Wow. That looks like quite the undertaking!

    Good luck keeping them current... ;)
  3. causticphlegm

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    Wow, great site. And I like it how you link to the sites and not just the files. That way the designers get more exposure for their great work.

    Bookmarked! :thumb:
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    I will definitely bookmark it when I get home. And dig through my favorites to see if I have any you missed.

    I also wanted to say I like the link system you have. Definitely nice of you to make sure the authors get the credit they deserve.
  5. cgutzmer

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    That is really great! I cant wait until Ihave more time to look through it :)
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    Great idea! Thanks for doing this!
  7. Amazyah

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    Paper Hollywood, indeed!
    What a wonderful idea and a great site name too!!
    I think this would incorporate into the Wiki very nicely as well! Great information!
    hint hint

    I think you have started a wonderful trend and I know it will be successful.
    That is really weird that you went that long and had not heard of
    Well, you found us anyway and that's a good thing! If you need anything, just holler!!

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    G'Day from OZ!

    Just had a look at Your site and would like to thank You for the great effort You have put into it.I found a few models which I had sownloaded ages ago and lost in a computercrash.
    Will return many times and enoy your great site.

    Kind regards from Down Under


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    Excellent site. Thanks a lot. There are more on Webude's site. I apologize, but i am not smart enough to know how to enter the URL. I'm sure there are plenty enough people here that could.
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    I think it's funny/cool how this site's software grabs the title of the url you type (sometimes)
  12. Dave Friesen

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    Thanks a lot Rick. That's easy enough.
  13. Thanks for the positive remarks, folks. It definitely help motivation to know somebody likes your work. I'll probably be updating it at least once a week for some time and I'll be looking around for one of those gizmos that keep check for of links to make sure they're always live. I hate it when link pages get stale with dead links. I suspect I'll be dividing it over more than one page soon, as it must take quite awhile to load on dialup by now (I've been spoiled on broadband for years). Feel absolutely free to link to it or whatever as you wish.
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  15. Kaz

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    This is awesome. *doffs hat* thankyou
  16. I need a Pin up girl. . .

    Way way way way way way way cool site! Thanks!
  17. I'm resurrecting this ancient thread for a quick note about my site-- and it's good news. After 4 years hosted on (formerly Freewebs), I finally registered and have moved the site. If you've tried to visit the old Paper Hollywood anytime in the last few months, you know why. Webs has been shutting me down early each month for reaching bandwidth limits. Apparently after 4 years, your Google ranking gets pretty good with a site like this and traffic has really grown.

    I've got the new site hosted on Dreamhost (paid hosting), which I've used for several years for my business-related projects. They actually increase your storage and bandwidth maximums a bit every month, so they owe me quite a bit by now.

    I'm also going to add a WordPress blog to the site soon. Anyway, I apologize to anybody who may have tried to visit the old site when it was being shut down. I hope you like Paper Hollywood 2.0.


    That is good news!
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    This is a very admirable project you have taken on. It could save people many hours of searching. Cool!:thumb:
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    man o man you got so much great stuff there batman BSG ,minions form discpicable me( now i HAVEto build those, my wife saw em an she loves em) and so many others,thank you so much for puttin them all in a place so easy to find. (thread subscribed!)

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