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Discussion in 'The Real Thing- North America' started by pennman, Aug 28, 2006.

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    Hey guys, Just on a funny note. I was watching COPS last night and you know how some people can get dumb attacks at RR crossings. Well they showed and episode with a cop chasing a motorcycle, the cop tried to go ove a main line crossing with his car( through the center of the box of 2 mains) . anyway he hung his car in the crossing and then was confronted by 3 trains, all which had to be diverted or stopped. This was in Desmoines IA.
    Just kind of shows ya, that everyone has some bad days and judgement.
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    That reminds me of the story (internet legend?) of the firetruck that was demolished by the freight train. The driver of the vehicle seemed surprised that the train did not stop for his emergency lights... hamr

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    Andrew - Internet Legend????? I use to belong to The Perth Amboy Volunteer fire dept, this is a true story. I will get you the details. A firetruck with I believe 7 firefighters on board was responding to a structual fire, whe they crossed a grade crossing with no signals. The fire apparatus was struck by an oncoming train, killing all on board.. I will further research this incident... I pass the Firefighters graces every day. They are buried in Alpine Cemetery in Perth Amboy New Jersey.
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    I saw this as well but I just saw that particular video on some internet site. Pretty good. I liked the look on their faces as they were stuck everytime they heard train horns off in the distance.
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    I am sorry to hear about the firefighters :( In the version I read, I am sure the crew in question survived to express their surprise that the train did not stop...


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