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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by Dr. Aerospace, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Dr. Aerospace

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    Folks, I am in-progress on Fiddlers Green's Eastern Airlines DC-9. I'm a bit fatigued because the wing-fuselage fairing is not working out as well as I would like. Nevertheless I am having a good time with it.

    I am a big airliner fan. Does anyone have experience with either Leon Schuijt or Schreiber-Bogen models? Both have airliner models for sale but I have not found good photos of the built models nor reviews to determine their level of quality or difficulty. Any help? How about other airliner models - what's out there?

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  2. jrb53

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    Currell has a 17" freebie of this "antique" airliner in 5 different liveries. If its as good as the V-1 I'm making, it may be a step up from FG. I tried posting the link to his site, but I don't have the required 15 posts yet. :(

  3. Dr. Aerospace

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    I found the currell_dot_net website and his Concorde models. Very nicely done.

    Say, does anyone know where Lex's Comet 4b might be posted? I've seen discussion and photos here on Zealot but can't find the model. Thanks!
  4. Ponytail

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    Having build at least once in my liftime, all LS-models of airliners, even from the times most were the famous dutch brand Veritas, I can ashure you they are straight forward builds. Good fit, simple details but an overall good look and representation of the original. They show, in my view, you can do a good model with "simple" designs.
    The same goes for the Schreibers. I think a few of them are also basically the Veritas-designs and got some updating and recoloring. They seem very similar in their construction.
    Old friends, so to speak!

  5. Cybermac

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  6. Dr. Aerospace

    Dr. Aerospace New Member

    Fantastic build, Cybermac! Thanks for the pointer. Of course now I want that model too...
  7. arthur_rp

    arthur_rp New Member

    Currell's site doesn't seem to have the DC-9 as a freebie anymore... if anyone has the files and would be nice enough to share with me (us) it'd be really appreciated!

  8. yankeekilo

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    hope the dc-9 paper model (md 80´s series)isn´t as hard to build as it is to fly, is a real pain in the neck for pilots!
  9. Samee

    Samee New Member

    lookin gud!!
  10. Ron Hall

    Ron Hall New Member

    Hello Airliner Fans,
    I have the following models available for purchase;

    LS of Holland
    KLM MD DC 10 (1:70 scale) Lufthansa Boeing 727 (1:70 scale)

    Peter Zorn
    Ford Tri Motor 5 AT

    3D Paper
    Boeing 727-100 Fed EX (1:48 scale)

    Lockheed L-14H Super Electra (1:33 scale)

    Contact me if you are interested. Best Regards, Ron
  11. Jesus

    Jesus Member

    Hi Doctor:

    Here is a video of the KLM dc-9 build up step by step. There are also other videos for different planes. Have a look, and also listen the coooool!!! :cool::cool::cool:
  12. peter taft

    peter taft Senior Member

    Hi Doctor. If you are a member of Paper modellers dot com, You will find a Vickers VC-10 {pictures here for you} designed by Gary Pilsworth in the downloads section - Nice model, but you would have to scratch build a cart for her {i've not got round to that yet :cry: }. There's a Boeing 707 free somewhere but forgot where, if i find her i will post a link for you. The model you are building is coming along nicely, keep up the great work :thumb:

    Nice video link JESUS ! :wave:

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  13. Dave Friesen

    Dave Friesen New Member

    I wish I could build as nice as you can
  14. twinslet

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  15. Airborne82

    Airborne82 Member

    Looks good man, keep it up!
  16. rbeach84

    rbeach84 New to Paper

    Hey, it appears that paperarts has "gone to ground" - can't find anything on them but the page and an email contact. With such a nice model, wonder why they stopped?
    Regards, Robert
  17. kav1961

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  18. luxair_ca

    luxair_ca New Member


    did anybody had any luck of downloading this nice B737 model lately somewhere? i remember downloading a "preview" pdf with only parts of the forward fuselage or so i think, and it did look real nice ... unfortunately i never managed to get the full file


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