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  1. here's a next creation on my next project the chevy volt for 2011
    this will be a bonus suprize to papercraft fans!!

    comming sooooo soooonnnnn! in about four weeks!
  2. hi i'm back it's been so long!

    this thead was dead for a wile now it's updated one's again! i have new creation comming your way. so don't you worry about anything.

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  3. new page up!

    here the next page.

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  4. new 3rd page up

    page 3 is now up!

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  5. goodduck

    goodduck Active Member

    Oh my GOD! I love the General Lee and the Knight Rider! Where you get that?
  6. more pages up!

    page 4 is now up.

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  7. last page is now up!

    enjoy build or should i say test builing!

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  8. one more piece.

    forgot the licens plates. in the back of car.

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  9. yaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

    this was a most have! look at this and tell me i'm amazing!

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  10. michael bunnny exclusive dazzo's models!

    it's been january 2006 to August 2010 celabration! my website last and all i have done so far is my whole completed colletion concept cars of all diffent types years model styles
    shapes sizes same color as real ones stand out details very colorfull designs i mastered a lot of help from freinds online suppourt thank's for your request's and now i'm going even do more 3D add on's like stand out details all in 100% cardstock now i'm lov'in this papercraft cars paper model cars paper cars stuff i'm addicted too! here's my whole concept cars collection enjoy the photo shown in this fourm.

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  11. new car model

    subaru estremo concept car page one is now up.

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  12. page 2 is now up.

    enjoy. oh and i add some stuff on page 1.

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  13. page 3 is now up and done.

    look for one more page.

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  14. the finnal page is now up!

    enjoy. it's building time!!

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  15. success!!

    i did it! and it's done!

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  16. do i have a suprize for all!!

    this papercraft exclusive model is going to be a must have this paper model will have new!

    1. high in details!
    2. a roof rack!
    3. surf boards to the max!
    4. realistic design!
    5. rag roof top out of 100% cardstock!
    6. 3Dtires and wheels!
    7. wood fx! and rod metal!
    8. door handels
    9. how to build your very own!
    dodge kahuna concept!

    and lots of parts to assemble! here page one lots more to be done!

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  17. and here's the real one!

    it will be just like this!

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  18. and here's more!

    photos of the real one!

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  19. page 2 is now up.

    enjoy more still to come.

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  20. page 3 is now up and done.


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